Hello to all the bookworms out there! Welcome to The Blabbing Bibliophile! In this space, I hope to be able to share a love of all things literary. Here you will find:

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I plan to keep this site in constant update mode, so that there will always be something new to discover and enjoy, so feel free to come back for more!

I’m so excited to share my novel adventures with all of you! I can’t wait to see what this site brings to life and to geek out properly over our mutual obsessions with various genres of stories. In the mean time, feel free to look around and enjoy your stay!


Who Is Liz? 

I suppose this is the time where I introduce myself. Hello, I’m Elizabeth. Bear with me because I’m not really good at this sort of thing. I was an English major who actually enjoyed my subject of study throughout all of my time at school. I blame this on my parents (thanks, mom and dad). When I was younger and had the summers off, I had to create reading lists and finish them before the new school year commenced. If I met my goal, I received a treat of some kind. Obviously, as a child, I hated being stuck in the house reading every day before I went out to play with my friends, but as I got older and reached middle school, I was thankful for the skill. I wound up being the kid who read ahead and always had a book hidden under my desk.

While at university, I was a bit all over the place, but books were the single constant in my life. They were always there at the end of the day and offered me a retreat from reality. I wound up with three degrees, two of which are in English Literature, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be going back to the classroom one day (soon) for more.

To this day, I read as much as I possibly can and thoroughly enjoy writing reviews for the books I read. While it is a lot of work to create and maintain a space to share my love of literature, I find it rewarding.

My interests vary from the classics I grew up loving to absurd fiction, histories, thrillers, mysteries, biographies, and the last few years, romances (which includes some erotica from time-to-time). In my reviews, I try to convey how important every story is and what messages we can take away from any material we get our hands on, no matter how silly the concept may seem.

Since I’ve decided to pursue my adoration of novels in my own way, I’ve been lucky enough to have met several friends from across the globe. We love nothing more than discussing our mutual love of literature in all its forms! I’m always open to chatting about great novels and even greater characters!