The Edge of Never

** spoiler alert ** Aside from some grammatical mistakes and some redundancy (which drove me crazy.. Never end a sentence with a preposition. i.e. “at”) this was a wonderful duo!

Camryn has been dealt a crap hand in life. Having her parents marriage fall apart, her brother in prison, her boyfriend killed, it’s no wonder she randomly boards a Greyhound bus to go nowhere. A happy future is not part of her plan, and neither is finding love again, but what she didn’t count on was one, Andrew Parrish. He is the exact opposite of her introverted and depressed self. Flying by the seat of his pants, he is out to make the most of life. Sure, he has his own demons, but he refuses to let that stop him, but can he get Camryn on board? 

This was the first novel I was able to really lose myself in for some time now, and Andrew and Camryn didn’t disappoint! The way they wind up living is the way I’ve always dreamed of, so I’m thrilled I got to share in their adventure while I stay still. Throw convention out the window and just travel to find life, see what is out there for you. What a wonderful message. 

Toward the end, just when all was going well, I found myself thinking, “f*ck this book”. I love but was slightly suspicious of Andrew because he still hadn’t told Camryn about his past, and I knew he had secrets he was keeping. Then as soon as Camryn and his mother, Marna, met, I knew something was seriously wrong with Andrew. Figuring out where the story was suddenly going, and that it may not have the happy ending I was expecting just ripped my heart right out. I own the second book but I kept wondering what it could possibly be about if the first didn’t end on a great note. 

Needless to say, I’m happy I can move on to the second installment with a proper sense of closure when it comes to these two.

“To Lily!” oh Lord, help me, this series. 

Considering I got through both books within a short time span, I still felt like I spent so much time with Andrew and Camryn. Parting ways with them after such a wonderful time exploring the world was bittersweet, but worth the slight ache I have in my heart at the moment. 

When I left the happy couple in book one, things weren’t as they seemed. Yes, they were blissful, engaged, and expecting, but Andrew also had a tremendous health scare that he recuperated from by the skin of his teeth. Naturally, I was nervous for them as we all trudged forward. 

I was warned that a new tragedy falls on these two, and it was exactly what I expected it would be. Andrew and Camryn are blind-sided, but insist on living the best way they know how; back on the road. 

This couple is determined not to let life or hardships get in their way. As Andrew continues to say, “it’ll all be okay”, and he’s not wrong. Each of them lose their way just a bit, but they have the strongest support system in each other, and it never wavers. Together, they take risks, learn to love all over again, and eventually… grow up. 

The life they’ve built together is extraordinary and magical, and it all began with two strangers meeting on a bus.
Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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