Dragonfly In Amber (Outlander #2)

Greetings to all the bibliophiles out there! I believe it’s been a bit since I’ve last updated. What can I say? Working two jobs, a holiday (happy belated July 4th to my American friends), getting ready to leave the country for a bit, reading my precious books, and squeezing in some much needed sleep here and there, you can sympathize with my delay. I hope you can, anyway.

This review is coming to you curtesy of Diana Gabaldon and her stunning Outlander series. As I explained in the previous post (at least I think I did.. fingers crossed), I’m finally delving into the world of the Highlands of 1700s Scotland and needless to say, I’m obsessed. Actually, obsessed is almost too tame a word, but at this later hour, my brain can’t come up with a substitute.

Enough with my incessant rambling (blabbing bibliophile.. get it?), let’s get down and dirty with this book, which is Dragonfly In Amber, the second in the massive universe of Outlander. Yet again, I take my hat off to Mrs. Gabaldon because her mind is absolutely mesmerizing. If you know me, you know I’m a fan of a good romance novel, and obviously that element is prominent, but there’s really so much more, and it’s going places I honestly didn’t even imagine.

The first installment left me on such a high note with Claire and Jamie in 1745, yet when I began book two, I’m suddenly in 1968 with Claire recounting her haunting memories of years prior to new characters, one of which is her daughter, Brianna. As a massive Whovian (fan of Doctor Who) I thoroughly appreciated the time-travel, supernatural, parallel, and multi-verse elements incorporated into this love story. Gabaldon really does define “timeless romance”.

By time I reached the second chapter, and a gravestone in the woods with Jamie Fraser’s name on it, I was a mess, and I’m not much of an emotional person. I almost wanted to shut the book right there. In less than two novels, I was in so deep with these characters, that the impact of losing one was a swift punch to the heart. I had to give myself a pep talk before moving on, and I’m glad I did. Thrilled, actually. I encountered numerous ups and downs, war, separation of loved ones, enemies becoming alliances and alliances becoming enemies, and of course, more Jamie Fraser. Swoon city over here.

Instead of gushing endlessly about this story and letting my thoughts get ahead of the speed of my typing fingers, I’m just going to keep this succinct and beg you if I have to… to go read this series. I realize it has actually been on the market for twenty odd years, but it’s better late than never, especially when it comes to meeting new (Scottish) friends!

I still have six books to go in this series and I know Diana is writing another, so I will be with Claire and Jamie for quite some time to come. I invite you along on the adventure I’m taking with them. I promise, you won’t regret it!!

To think, I’m this immersed in Outlander, and I haven’t even started the Starz series yet. I said I would begin season one after I finished book one, but that didn’t happen. I did, however, meet Sam and Caitriona via YouTube and I have to say, they’re absolutely lovely to play the characters they’re depicting. I can’t wait to watch it!

Lastly, I’m taking a trip next week, so my reading schedule is going to take quite a hit. Just bear with me because I swear I’ll be back with more thoughts and emotions about the lovely Fraser couple. I may also make a post or two about my excursions on vacation. A few people asked, so it’d be nice to keep a record of my trip once I get home.

Until we meet again, happy reading!!!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars


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