Voyager (Outlander #3)

Good evening, all. Holy Moses, okay. I apologize for the delay in posts. There are several factors that are contributing to my lack of frequent posts. One, I’m still reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and for those of you who have read it, you are in for an investment. Two, I just spent two weeks in London, so my binge reading took a massive hit before, during, and after travel. I’ve been on the go non-stop. Third (and lastly), working full-time. That good, old 9-5 (or in my case, 8-5) plus a semi-lengthy commute would drain anyone. I digress… 

I’ve been asked to blog about my trip to London, but I just haven’t had the time to get to it yet, and I’m not sure how many people would be interested considering this is primarily a book blog and my shenanigans across the pond don’t have much of a connection to literature. I wished they did, but it was only a 10 day trip and I just couldn’t see every little thing I wanted in such a short period of time. However, if you’re interested in my London adventures, feel free to let me know! 

Now, to the books… finally, right? As I said, I’ve been immersed in all things Outlander. The books, the series on Starz, YouTube videos, Pinterest board. I have committed to this series mind, body, and soul. On the plane home from London, I FINALLY finished the third installment in the series, Voyager. Needless to say, Diana is still on a roll and I adored this book tremendously!

Twenty years have gone by since Claire Randall/Fraser jumped back through the stones at Craigh Na Dun in order to protect Jamie’s unborn child from the Jacobite uprising at Culloden. She has raised their daughter, Brianna in America in the 1960s with her estranged  (first) husband, Frank, and had a successful career as a doctor. However, now that Brianna is grown, and Frank deceased, Claire has reached a point in her life where she must find out what really happened to Jamie back in the 1700s without her by his side. 

Lovers reunite, secrets are unveiled, more troubles come their way, and a long journey on a ship to find a lost nephew bring Claire and Jamie to uncharted territory and keep them learning more about each other every day. The real question becomes, can they love each other as they are now, or are they existing through memories of when they were young?

I’m amazed how creative this series has become. There’s elements of time travel without it being cheesy in any way. The books are nearly impossible to put down. I hate when I have to function in life and therefore have to neglect these stories because there’s so many events holding my attention, I can barely bring myself to leave them, even for a little while. I’m about half way into book four, and I’m amazed at how far these stories have come from the first installment! Jamie and Claire have already entered their mid-forties, so I’d love to know how the next five books progress in their story and how big of a role Brianna and Roger will take on as well!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars


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