The Crown

Hey, everyone! Two reviews in less than 24 hours. Who knew? Today, I’m reviewing The Crown which is book five (and the final installment) in The Selection series by Kiera Cass.  I binged on these books last month thinking that The Crown was already out in stores. When I got closer to the end of the books I already had, and found out it wasn’t being released until May 3rd, I was beyond mad at myself. I had to wait a few weeks on a cliffhanger to find out what the fate of Eadlyn, her family, and their kingdom would be. Needless to say, when Amazon dropped this puppy off at my house on release day, I couldn’t wait to dive in, so, here we are! To read my compiled review on books #1-4 along with their novellas, you can go here.

I was very pleased once I had gotten to the last page in The Crown. I’m so glad Eadlyn finally matured beyond what she was in The Heir. Between books four and five, she blossomed and opened her eyes to her people and to a love like the one her parents shared.

I have to admit, after five books and four novellas, I got a bit teary saying goodbye to these characters. We parted on fantastic terms, but coming to the end was bittersweet.

I couldn’t decide which man would be best suited to the future queen of Illéa out of the Elite in the Selection. I liked each individual of the final six for different reasons and at points, I wanted her to choose all of them because I hated seeing them go. Ean and Hale were charming and protective, Kile became the most unlikely of friends and companions, Fox was a gentleman, Gunner was a constant source of support, and Henri was too precious for words. Eric (aka Eikko), Henri’s translator also served a level of importance. I adored each and every one of these boys and what they each brought to the table when it came to their queen.

However, when it became obvious where her heart was directing her, I wanted to scream at her to start breaking rules and tradition, otherwise there may not be a happily ever after. I’m glad other voices in her circle felt the same.

Having to choose between true love and duty or obligation was absolutely nerve-wracking. I devoured this book so I could get answers for my own sanity and know where both Eadlyn’s future and the fate of Illéa would lie. What a ride it was! I was unsure about picking up this series in the beginning, but I’m not only glad that I did, but I’m thrilled I saw it through and got to experience such a charming story.

My Final Rating: four out of five stars




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