Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons #1)

Surprise, surprise, folks. I’m back again! What can I say? I had some down time at work and was able to binge-read my little heart out. I’m so glad, because I don’t think I could have peeled myself away from this book boyfriend to save my life. The man in question is the one and only Sweet Filthy Boy brought to us by the fabulous duo of Christina Lauren. 

Ansel Guillaume. You’re the kind of boy a girl dreams about. Truly. Sweet, caring, impulsive, fun, charismatic, I could go on. Mia couldn’t seem to get enough of her across-the-bar stranger, and eventually, neither could I. 

When Mia Holland and her friends Lola and Harlow celebrate their college graduation in Las Vegas, what happens there winds up…. in the streets of Paris. 

I always admire the people who actually LIVE life, and do so a bit on the spontaneous side, so I really admired the path Mia and Ansel chose to take. Strangers who got drunkenly married in Vegas decided to live on a whim and see what would happen with their future instead of immediately chalking it up to a mistake. Granted, it’s a story of lust, attraction, and love, so there’s no un-written stranger danger involved, but I was obsessed with the antics of these two and had to live through them until the day I choose to make decisions the way they did. I secretly long for a day when I may meet someone and marry them on the spot. If only life were that silly. 

I semi-recently spent a weekend in Paris myself back in July, and reading this story made me wish I spent more time enjoying the nooks and crannies of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While it was charming, it was overshadowed by a bigger excursion in London, so I didn’t get to fully appreciate or spend enough time in the city of lights. Ansel and Mia make me want to return and discover something new (including an alluring French man S’il vous plaît). 

While I’m excited to get to book two in this series, I know Ansel and Mia will no longer be my key players as I move on (at least for now) so I’m sad to let them go, but I’m sure I’ll meet up with them again soon! In the mean time, I have a new man to meet, and the crazy couple can get back to their impulsive bliss! 

My Final Rating: four out of five stars


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