Dirty Rowdy Thing (Wild Seasons #2)

Hello again! Since I just posted a slightly lengthy rant just moments ago, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I just finished reading Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren and needless to say, I have another book boyfriend. Shocker, I know.

While I did miss Ansel, Mia, and their magical escapades in the streets in Paris, I was prepared to meet the next pair of players, and booooooy…. Are they a pair! 

Finn- the brooding, strong, silent, rugged Canadian vs Harlow- the daughter of two Hollywood powerhouses and total Cali girl. 

Also married in Vegas alongside their friends on that drunken blur of a trip, they get a quick annulment, and with good reason. 

These two looooove to butt heads (among other things) and wind up eyeballs deep in territory that is completely foreign to them. Finn has a family business at stake while Harlow masks her family’s bad news by loving and solving everyone else’s problems. Friends with benefits rapidly becomes something new, something unknown to the couple, and things get dicey.

I enjoyed watching them navigate and tiptoe around each other. I wasn’t quite sure when they’d realize they’re just what the other needs in life, but I had complete faith they’d get around to it eventually.. And boy, do they ever! 

Their friendship is comfortable, and their attraction absolutely sizzles. A blurb on the back cover mentioned blushing, and I have to agree. These two are quite steamy once they get right down to business. 
Just when everything finally points in their direction and with a bright future ahead of them, conflict arises (as it so often does, especially in these books). Harlow and Finn have to decide if they’re going to join forces and conquer life as a team, or let the best thing that’s ever happened to them walk away forever. 

I know book three will bring me to Oliver and Lola’s story, but I’m interested to see the continued incorporation of both Finn and Harlow and also Ansel and Mia as these installments progress. 

My Final Rating: four out of five stars


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