Dark Wild Night (Wild Seasons #3)

Good morning, fellow readers. Bear with me this morning. I had a late night last night and an early start today. I’m trying not to think about my bed too much while I sit in my office until 5pm. The bright side to all of this? I got another book done! We all know I loved my journey with the entire Outlander series, but it put a big dent in my reading schedule. I’m currently taking part in the goodreads challenge and I set my goal to be 100 books by 2016. I’m only 34 books behind schedule! At the beginning of this week, it was 37, so time to keep on keeping on. Let’s get to the review.

If it’s possible, Oliver Lore may have trampled right over the top of both Finn and Ansel. The bar on book boyfriends just keeps getting raised higher and higher, and with it, my standards in men become ridiculously impossible.

Lola, our main girl this go-round, was not my favorite, unfortunately. She was too wrapped up in her own head to notice that Oliver wasn’t pushing her in their relationship. Unlike their friends, while they did get married in Vegas, they never ended up in a hotel room. They annulled their spontaneous nuptials, but remained the best of friends for months after their friends built lives as married couples. Obviously (spoiler), their friendship crosses into flirting, which puts them in this massive gray area. They realize how much they mean to each other and (cautiously) move things to another, more intense level. Lola is an artist, and completely crazed with a flourishing career. She gets too caught up with her maelstrom of a brain, which backfires on Oliver. When she believes Oliver is too good and finds herself becoming obsessed, she panics.

My heart absolutely shattered when Oliver confesses how he has come second to everyone and everything (lost his parents, and was raised by his grandparents) and he’d refuse to come second to her too because she’s the only one he ever cared about enough to want to be first. The poor guy didn’t do anything wrong except love and support her and still had his heart shattered when she began to panic. However, stories need conflict and drama, so I was forever holding my breath and waiting for the other shoe to fall.

I have a soft spot in my heart for a nerd, and maybe especially a hot, Australian nerd who runs a trendy comic book shop. Oliver is patient, sweet, feisty, and charming. Lola was lucky to find him and have him fall as hard as he did. It was refreshing to see the guy on the end of smitten kitten and see how a love story could unfold.

I hope to hear more from these two, because I know their story isn’t over just yet.

My Final Rating: four out of five stars

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