Devil’s Touch

Good morning, fellow bibliophiles! So I realized I have a little over 90 days to complete 60 books in order to meet my goodreads challenge. As I stated in prior entries, I apologize for bombarding you all with posts back-to-back. After this one, I’m going to begin a new series, so hopefully I’ll give you a breather for a couple of days before posting another review.

Today’s book is one I received through a friend of mine as an ARC. There’s nothing more I love getting more than book mail, so I was excited to receive this on my doorstep. Unfortunately, when it arrived, I was eyeballs deep in the Outlander series, so this sat on my bookshelf for a few months while I finished some other books.

Devil’s Touch by Tina Lindegaard is not what I expected it to be based on the brief description provided on the back cover. I thought I was approaching a quaint yellow house with white windows where the young sisters played outside on the swings, with a sinister feeling lurking around the corner. That’s not quite what I got. Evy is a high end call girl, and her sister, Linda, is dead. They’re not the innocent children depicted, but rather older, and with fate dealing them a bad hand.

Mystery surrounds Evy and every character linked to her. Perspectives shift, and there’s always another layer being peeled away to reveal a surprise of sorts among our cast of players.

I’m not always on board with third person perspective because sometimes it has the tendency to lose me, and parts of this did. I did respect the author’s style, it was something I’ve definitely never encountered before, but it wasn’t always for me.

There are a lot of characters and numerous plots that wind up intertwining here and there, but there’s also aspects of them that remain separate, so pay attention. I enjoyed the concept of leaving out mindless details, but I’d start to lose focus with the “he” and “she” interactions and no names given as to who was in the scene at the time. It kind of kept me from getting 110% immersed in the story and into the lives of the characters. I very much felt like the reader staring down at their thoughts and actions from the page above. It was just an element of removal for me. This can be either a good thing or bad.

Don’t get me wrong, like I said, the story was entertaining. It had elements of thrill, murder, crime, and underworlds that aren’t always happening out among the everyday folks. This is something I could see as a mini series or TV special on the Investigation Discovery Channel.. Which I’m slightly obsessed with… So, bravo to the author, on that front! Job well done!

My Final Rating: three out of five stars


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