Sweet Addiction

The other day, I finished the third in a series by author J. Daniels. In my craziness of starting a new book right away, work, and the like, I forgot to even review the first two books I had read months ago. Aren’t you all lucky that I’m now going to give you my thoughts on all three? I can feel the excitement.

Book one in the Sweet Addiction series has the same title, Sweet Addiction. Dylan Sparks owns the cute, little bakery, Dylan’s Sweet Tooth. Her creations are fabulous and she enjoys the hell out of whatever she makes. When she makes the wedding cake for her ex-boyfriend AND attends his wedding, her life changes. Sexy stranger, Reese Carroll grabs her attention. She thinks their impending affair will be quick and dirty, but Reese has other plans.

Needless to say, I could NOT put this book down!

Reese Carroll skyrocketed close to the top of the book boyfriend list after I finished this one. I feel for him the minute Dylan accidentally fell on him, that lucky bitch.

Dylan Sparks.. She was slightly annoying sometimes with her stupid assumptions, but she’s a female so I have to excuse her and say that’s just hard-wired into our genders’ DNA (unfortunately). If you’re looking for a quick, fun, and sexy read, give this a go!

When I finished book two, Sweet Possession, I walked around my house in a zombie-like funk because I didn’t want to have to re-join society. I wanted to stay in my very glorious Reese and Dylan bubble.

Reese and Dylan became one of my top few ultimate couples. I wanted to take a night to think things through and write out my thoughts, but obviously that didn’t happen.

I have no words for this series. It was a quick weekend read with only the first two books available at the time, but everything was tied together so wonderfully that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I almost want to beg J Daniels to write more from 5 years into their future or something, but at the same time, I enjoyed how everything ended.. And I’m not a fan of endings anyway (Doctor Who moment there, I apologize).

Book three, Sweet Obsession. I’m obsessed! Sweet baby Jesus…. MASON FREAKING KING. Where can I find one??? Someone send him to me, and FAST!

Oh Brooke, you silly mess of a girl. Why would you ever want JUST sex with this gorgeous man from down under? This is the kind of man you marry.

Dylan’s crazy employee is our star in this installment. She’s very go-with-the-flow and he’s total zen. She has the mentality of a guy with her casual sexcapades, and he wants the whole package deal. He’s the hearts and flowers of the two. A guy like that is a rare and absolute treasure, and not to be wasted.

I want to say so much, and at the same time, can’t think of enough to say to depict what I’m thinking properly. I adore Mason to the moon and back. From his endearing little “yeahs”, “sweethearts”, and “gorgeous”, to his kindness with the good deed he offers to the various students taking his yoga classes, and finally… taming the beast that is Brooke. He is a beautiful soul who absolutely captured hers. He got her to realize she wanted something better, and to be a better person because of him.

Their relationship is the perfect mixture of mature where they discuss their future and their lives, to the fun they have together (arcades, photo booths, camping, delivery vans, etc). I really hope I meet them again somewhere down the road, because I’m so anxious to know what’s next. I need a litter of King babies.

Final Series Rating: four out of five stars


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