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Good evening, fellow bibliophiles, and happy (almost) Friday! This week has been kicking my butt over in Adulthoodland, so it has taken me a bit to get to my reviews in a proper way! It has been another long week, but when I realized it was coming to a close, and I had one series finished with no review posted and another series half-read, I had to get to it. Here, I am with some more books and a gorgeous man for everyone to fall in love with. On to the review! 
Tonight, I bring you the Up In The Air series by R.K. Lilley. These started out as a trilogy, but wound up having a fourth, sort of spin-off book added into the mix. I had finished the first three awhile back, and never posted my reviews anywhere else save for goodreads. Last weekend, I decided I needed a stand alone story I could get done in a day before I tackled another series I had already lined up to fill this week. Confused? I kind of am. Pardon me, it’s been a long day, as previously stated. Now that I finally completed the entire set of books, it’s time to post my complete thoughts. We’ll count this as both a new review, with a hint of Throwback Thursday thrown into the mix. Let’s dive in, shall we?
When I finished book, In Flight, one in August of 2014, I had just come just come off of reading the 50 Shades trilogy. Needless to say, I saw a lot of similarities when reading this story. James is lovely (and a total powerhouse) and Bianca is just a bit different than the other girls I’ve read recently. However, the plot mirrored too much from my previous reads which sat in the back of my mind the entire time. It got a bit irritating as I continued with the series. I had already started it though, so I obviously had to continue onward to see how everything would come together.

I did, however, cheer continuously for James and Bianca to get past their issues and the numerous skeletons in their closets so they could find their happy ending. We all deserve one, so they weren’t excused from theirs. 

My Final Rating: three out of five stars
Mile High is the second installment in this series. I think I officially fell in love with James before this book was over. Shocker, I know. Another over the top alpha male to drool over. 

This story is where things start to build properly and deviate from the Fifty Shades path to become something all their own. This portion had a bit more angst than the first one, and for some reason, I knew it was going to end a bit oddly, but book three is where everyone will see if James and Bianca can get through both the good and the bad to survive together. 
My Final Rating: four out of five stars
As I said earlier, Mr. Cavendish has stolen my heart and has since officially been ranked close to the top of my favorite book boyfriends! He proves this thoroughly by book three, Grounded

At one point, I was wondering if things would be wrapped up in a neat little bow for James and Bianca, and there was a point or two when my heart was absolutely in my throat, but the ending more than made up for all my questions and worries. My nerves may have been temporarily shot, but it was all worth it for the ending it received. 

I do wish the epilogue was a bit longer, I always want more when stories get to the point that theirs reached. Lovely series.
My Final Rating: four out of five stars
I loved the Up In The Air series as a trilogy, and I was devastated when it ended, so I obviously freaked out when Mr. Beautiful was released not too long ago. It clearly took me a bit to get to, (it sat in my ibooks app awhile), but once I did, I was glad to see this whole crew again. knew I would love what came next in James & Bianca’s story. Lilley sure did deliver!! 

A lot of the time, spin-off stories like these tend to get repetitive and I lose interest and wind up skimming most of the text since I had just read the same thing in books prior. Not with this batch! 

James creates his own tale of what happened between him and Bianca by only touching on key points in his life that made him the man he is today. That was really important. He didn’t ramble on incessantly about the mundane day-to-day about what he and Bianca we’re going through. Mr. Cavendish really kept to moments of significance and really made me understand his side of things. 

I didn’t just get the perspective of James, but of Stephen (Bianca’s best friend) as well, so I was really happy to get into both of their heads for awhile. I didn’t get to do that as much in the trilogy. It was lovely to see how fiercely they both care and desire to protect Bianca and make sure she is loved so thoroughly. 

I was, of course, all about the Cavendish wedding and litter of gorgeous babies. James as a daddy was more than I could ask for. His kids are quite the handful… So I would love to see him handle them when they hit their teen years!
My Final Rating: four out of five stars

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