Playing For Love

Hey all! I apologize, I’m a bit distracted this evening. I have this project going on that I’m hoping to announce sooner rather than later, but it’s something I’m trying to navigate on my own and I’m getting frustrated because it’s unknown territory. While I have finished my latest read early this morning, I’m just getting around to telling all of you about it now. Bear with me. Tonight, I’m reviewing Playing For Love by J.C. Grant. This is the sequel to her debut novel, Playing for Keeps, which I reviewed awhile ago. You can find that review here.

If you are not a reader or fan of erotica, I suggest you turn back now!

I’ll be anxiously anticipating book three because here I was, happily turning pages, waiting for what was next, and, BAM! Story ends. I have so many questions, and so much has yet to happen. I not only want but NEED.. desperately NEED more of these two asap.

David and Austin are back and are being whisked away on a private jet for their wedding. We essentially find them where we last left them, and are ready to encounter the next chapter of their lives as a couple.
If you have read this book, or my previous review of book one, you know that these two have relationship and boundary issues. They’re both massively screwed up characters and I’m not even going to pretend to understand their logic or head space, because I honestly didn’t. However, I knew they had this instant connection and could work through their obstacles to reach their happily ever after. Their bond was stronger than anything that was trying to keep them apart, as long as they were willing to fight for each other.

I tried to look past their flaws, because they each had a TON of them. David is beyond possessive, and Austin is indecisive to the point it could jeopardize their whole relationship, but when they finally do communicate (in whatever method they choose… most of the time it’s sex), they make tremendous progress. What was important for me in this story was the fact they remained united when their exes of sorts kept trying to ruin their marriage. David was fiercely protective of his wife, and Austin did what she had to do in order to go to bat for her man as well. It’s in those moments that they each realize what they actually mean to one another.

These two still have a ton of work to do and a lot of issues to overcome, but I’m confident they’re making strides towards one main goal to be a happy and strong couple. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this pair. I’m sure it will be an interesting albeit sexy adventure!

My Final Rating: four out of five stars


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