Anything He Wants & Castaway

Hey all! Time to bring everyone another book review! I have been thinking… the next time I read a series, instead of posted about each book in an individual review, perhaps I wait and discuss each book in a compiled review of the whole series once it’s done. Thoughts? For now, let’s move on to the review.

I spent my weekend with Anything He Wants & Castaway by Sara Fawkes. It was one of those two-books-in-one deals, and it has been sitting on my shelf for months, so I figured I’d get to it and kill two birds with one stone. Having finished it up last night, I’m honestly torn how I felt on this one… So.. bear with me as I try not to ramble and rant.

Minor thing to start (I suppose, but actually major in my eyes), there were a few grammatical and proofreading errors. That was annoying. Also, the author used a lot of the same adjectives, adverbs, etc. to set a scene and it got repetitive to the point I’d skim over things to keep going with the story. Lastly, there were a few names and ideas I read in this book that I’ve read in a gazillion others. I’m not sure who wrote their books first, but I found some of the originality lacking. Been there, done that.. As you do.

The main issue I had with this book? Here goes: so we meet Lucy and Jeremiah in an elevator when they’re working in the same building. He seduces her on said elevator ride, so that’s fine, totally grabbed my attention. Next thing I know, she’s signing a contract to work for him, flying to Paris to enjoy the billionaire’s lavish lifestyle, but basically occupies his bed and any other surface he so chooses. In the very very short time she works for him, I don’t think she actually works doing an actual office-type task (maybe she answered a phone or something at one point but that’s all I can remember).

Shocker, Lucy falls head-over-heels for Jeremiah Bagillionare Hamilton instantly only to be rejected because he’s closed off emotionally and incapable of love. This act drives her into the arms of Jeremiah’s older (and much sweeter) brother, Lucas. He takes her hostage for negotiation purposes in his own enterprises and tons of action (and bedding) stems from it.

I couldn’t quite get on board with Lucy’s looser habits. She seemed fine with it and tried to rationalize going between brothers, but I wasn’t buying what she was selling. She seemed eager beaver to enjoy either one she could and who was willing to show her comfort for the moment.

I also didn’t quite understand where all the action came from and why it was necessary. These characters spend a LOT of this book dodging threats from assassins and terrorists, and while it’s explained, it wasn’t elaborated on enough for me to really get on board with the whole thing. At parts in this book, I really thought, “wtf am I reading right now?”.

Lastly, when we first meet Jeremiah, we realize he seems to be a bit into BDSM and the darker side of a relationship. Again, it’s never quite pointed out or explained.. But then it disappears through the rest of the book only to pop up again in the pages of the bonus story as if it had been a quirk of his all along.

The reason I’m giving the book three stars is because it was a quick read. It kept me entertained enough to turn the pages to get to the end and see how it all wraps up, so for that, I’m content enough with the story. It did its job of making me want to see how it would all end.

My Final Rating: three out of five stars



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