The Professor

Happy Monday, bibliophiles! Long time, no review! Life has gotten slightly hectic and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to binge read the way I want to lately. That being said, I’m sad it took me as long as it did to get through a book with 161 pages. However, it was an awesome read and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

The Professor by Tshombe was recommended to me by one of my book friends on Instagram, and I can’t thank them enough for doing so (thank you, thank you, thank you)! Based on the summary, I couldn’t really tell what I was getting into, so I figured I’d just dive in slightly blind and find out as I went along. It did NOT disappoint in the slightest.

This book was an absolute treat from start to finish! I only regret that adulating and responsibilities got in the way so it took me longer than I would have liked to simply binge and find out what would happen next! Seriously, I need to re-evaluate my priorities.

The Professor is the perfect book for anyone who is a fan of psychology, sociology, philosophy, the unanswered questions of life and the human purpose, thrills, suspense, surprises, plot twists, etc. I could go on and on but I’m also not trying to give away too many spoilers here so you need to just stop what you’re doing and go read this book.

Reading this reminded me of Shutter Island or A Beautiful Mind. The Professor is a brilliant man who enlists five carefully selected, gifted students for a course on the real humanity, what we think it is, and what it actually is for which we have zero awareness. What’s real and what’s being spoon-fed to us? Who are we as a species, who is in control, what constitutes as law? The book poses so many questions and no answers while you find yourself craving an explanation that you may or may not ever receive.

There’s also the TRUTH. The Professor is a peculiar man. He is gifted beyond words with accomplishments and accolades that seem never-ending. He also has a wife he loves more than life itself, and a daughter he has never met. You must wonder why. The purpose of his class makes one wonder if it’s designed to teach you something, or if he has selected you for more selfish purposes.

The journey he takes with his class becomes an absolute roller coaster and (pardon my language) total mind f*ck the deeper you delve into the novel. Beware and read at your own risk. Things are not at all what they seem and you need to decide what’s real and what’s an illusion…. but, class is in session.

Go meet the professor!!!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars

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