Dirty English (Dirty English #1)

I know, I know. Another book review already. I was already in the middle of today’s selection while I was writing up my series review for the Cocktail series. Today, I’m discussing Dirty English by Ilsa Madden-Mills. The damaged soul of an American girl meets a brooding and sexy Brit at university. Obviously, the sexual tension and fireworks fly. Other than the fact I think these characters moved slightly fast in their relationship, I adored this book.

It was weird reading about Elizabeth, because I could see myself in her (sort of, and not just because we have the same name). We both enjoy our Downton Abbey, I’m an English Major, she works in a bookstore (hello, dream!), and we both have a massive thing for British blokes. She found Declan, I could only hope I’d ever be so lucky… and c’mon, he’s an English Major too (with a soft spot for Romanticism)… swoon!

What happens to Elizabeth when we first meet her is horrifying and tragic. I could not even fathom putting myself in her shoes. I’m glad she didn’t go with her pact to never fall in love, otherwise she would’ve missed out on a wonderful man who cares deeply for her.

Like I said, they move quickly (falling head-over-heels in love within a few weeks), but I guess it worked for them. They tried to resist and fight what they both knew was happening between them, but it clearly didn’t work. For some reason, they both insisted they were bad for each other, and not what the other needed. Oh, how wrong they were.

I would’ve loved even more back story and details on each of their lives, but I knew enough to make it through this book without too many questions arising once the end drew near. They both had motives for acting how they did towards each other, and they got their happily ever after. Hello, who refuses time in London from a gorgeous British man!?

My Final Rating: four out of five stars


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