Wicked Sexy Liar (Wild Seasons #4)

Hello again, bibliophiles! Long time, no see and also, happy hump day! The weekend (and tons of reads) are just around the corner… we can make it, I promise!

Just as a quick aside, I want to say thank you to all of you who are reading this little blog and giving me feedback on these reviews! When I made my last post, I had a ton of issues with fonts and editing out of the blue, and it took me much longer than I would have liked to sort it all out and get the review out to you. However, I genuinely enjoy devouring novels and then sharing the literary love with all of you when I can! Thanks to a real love of books, I’ve met some of the coolest people ever from all across the globe, and the audience and interaction just seems to keep growing and manifesting into its own creature. Who knows what it could turn into down the road, but for now, I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you! I adore every single one of you!

Now that I’ve professed my deep gratitude, I’m just going to jump into review mode. I met my latest book boyfriend, and now all of you need to meet him too! Wicked Sexy Liar is book four in Christina Lauren’s Wild Seasons series. As usual, I try to group all of my series reviews into one longer entry, but seeing as how I already have the other three reviewed and honestly wasn’t aware there was a fourth installment on the way, here we are. If you need to meet the first three couples (which you absolutely should), you can read my previous reviews at the following links, book one, Sweet Filthy Boy, book two, Dirty Rowdy Thing, and book three, Dark Wild Night . Seriously, these boys are the bees knees, so go check them out asap!

Every time I settle down with a Christina Lauren book, I think, “there’s no way they can top the last one.. that was the one.. the dream boat of a man..”, and then they go and add another hot guy to my endless list of hot guys who also happen to be amazing. Thank goodness for the realms of fiction, because when it comes to my literary men, I’m the biggest polygamist around. I’m obsessed with them all.

Remember the lovely Mia from way back in book one (oh, and her lovely french husband, Ansel)?, welllllll… do you also remember her ex-boyfriend, Luke? Yeah, we’re discussing him this go-round, so buckle up!

So, this group of friends is starting to inter-mingle quite a bit. We have Luke, and then we have London (Lola’s bestie and roommate from book three). They are introduced one night while she’s bartending at the local stomping grounds, Fred’s. They bounce some witty remarks off of one another, flirt awhile, and us readers just know it’s going somewhere interesting.

Luke was with Mia essentially since they were kids, so when they broke up, he became a massive womanizer (surprise, surprise). London was with a man named Justin throughout most of her college career and winds up dumping him when she catches him in the act with another girl. Are we sensing the tone? London has walls built up that are a mile-high, and Luke sees that as a challenge…plus… there’s just something about her. He can’t quite put his finger on it yet, but he knows she’s special.

London knows Luke is trouble. Luke knows London is his game-changer. When they mix, it’s explosive! Luke might be the player of players, but he’s also devoted to his sister, mother, and grandmother, and caters to them as often as he can, so you know buried under all that male, is a heart of gold worth giving a chance. London just has to see that too and let him in a little.

Luke enjoys that she’s sassy, sharp, independent, and the polar opposite of clingy. As he pursues her, secrets are unveiled and drastic changes take place.

Their relationship is a whirlwind, but beyond worth fighting for, we just have to get them in the ring together, because they don’t always notice what exactly is happening between them. They love to play it safe and remain friends so their habits aren’t necessarily jeopardized, but they’re absolutely in for it with each other.

Needless to say… ready for it… I LOVE LUKE SUTTER! The moment he won me over completely was during one of his inner monologues saying, “When I love, I do it to the center of the earth. TO the part that’s liquid, soft, terrifying.” What guy in real life thinks like that (if anyone finds him, bring him to me, please).

London gave him crap when he deserved it, for sure, but when they were good together, they were phenomenal; passionate, intense, sexy, spontaneous, combustive… I can’t think properly to convey what these two made me feel when I was in their presence. I know they fought it with every fiber of their being, and it did add a little something spicy to their encounters, but sometimes, I just wanted to scream at them to stop resisting already!

If you know Christina Lauren’s books, get ready to meet yet another one of their delicious men for the book boyfriend stack, and if you haven’t… um… what are you waiting for?

My Final Rating: five out of five stars


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