Hey all, and happy Monday! It’s a snowy and chilly President’s Day in my neck of the woods which meant a slow day at the office which meant, yup, I started and finished a book. I’m excited to bring this review your way! I have one more individual installment novel in my TBR before I tackle a semi-lengthy series. So after the next review, I may disappear for a bit longer until I get all the books in the series read. Anyway, let’s dive into tonight’s review which is RoomHate by Penelope Ward.

I know, this was just released today, and you should go pick up a copy for your Kindle over on Amazon right now because it’s on sale today only for $3.99, so, hop to it, folks! This was just one of those books I couldn’t put down. I sat in my office all day just absorbing the life out of this story, and I couldn’t be happier with the fact I got to spend the day with the lovely and irresistible, Justin Banks.

Amelia Payne has inherited her grandmother’s gorgeous Victorian house right on the beach in Newport, which sounds pretty dreamy. It sounds even more enticing when half of the inheritance goes to one of the most beautiful men around, her old friend, Justin Banks. Splitting a house with a fine specimen of a man as your roommate sounds ideal, right? Wrong.

Amelia and Justin may have been best friends at one point in time, but things change, people grow up, some run away, and lives are altered. Now, they’re sharing property and living under the same roof while trying to keep their disdain for one another in check (which is extremely hard to do). Also, Amelia is fresh out of a relationship, and Justin has been seeing a girl named Jade for quite some time, so bring on the complications.

It takes time, talking, and several extenuating circumstances to get these two back on the same page so they can become trusting friends again. It’s when they reach that point where everything is rosy again that things change even more and develop into something they’ve never explored before. Now, there’s tension and attraction involved. Things get messy and complicated, and there’s an overwhelming amount of whiplash from all the back-and-forth of what they think they might feel for one another while also trying to balance outside parties. It’s when Amelia finds herself in a life-altering situation that Justin really comes to the rescue to be the man she’s always wanted.

When circumstances seem to FINALLY be falling in their favor, Justin is offered an unbelievable opportunity he just can’t refuse. Will everything they just built come crumbling down, or will they endure for the long haul this time?

I adored this story! Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to smack the bejesus out of the two of them half the time, but they kept me entertained (and wanting to scream at them simultaneously) . The constant growing tension is what made this story absolutely everything for me. It was so fun, yet frustrating, but I had to keep reading to see how and when it would all reach a pinnacle and explode into what I was waiting for with these two. Every moment of this story was worth it. What a fun, sexy, and quick read!

My Final Rating: four out of five stars


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