44 Chapters About 4 Men

Aloha, bibliophiles! Happy Hump Day! We’re another day closer to Friday! To celebrate the middle of the week milestone, I have a review for you (insert Kermit the Frog “hooray”)!! It’s something a bit different, but totally worth it once you get sucked in (and you totally will, I promise). It’s 44 Chapters About 4 Men by my newest hero, B.B. Easton. Can I just fangirl for a second, because reading her words, and her blunt delivery made me feel like I was finding my spirit animal, so I have to bow down to her for that alone, the subject(s) were just icing on the cake!  Thank you a million times for proving women can be sarcastic and curse like sailors, but also hold high degrees and have a brain in their head. I admired the crap out of her thought process and can’t express that enough!

This was an interesting read, and not at all what I was expecting. In its own way, it takes the essence of a romance novel, and gives it that twist of real life that makes being a couple fun, funny, challenging, and daunting.

At first, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of what I was reading. The escapades BB went through during her adolescent years with boyfriends was comical, dramatic, and a proper depiction of almost every girl in the world. Our young and impressionable minds love to do what we can to impress (and possibly even lure) a boy, and she doesn’t disappoint.

Because I’m older and way past that phase of life, I could really appreciate the chapters with Ken, her husband. I wanted to be mad at him and to hate him a little bit for being so mundane and paying so little attention to his marriage (as far as emotions go), but part of me was also cheering for him, a proper, “c’mon man, you got this.. you can do this marriage thing!”.

I’m thoroughly impressed with BBs clever journal entries and sneaky experimentations on her husband. It may have started out as something fun (and temporary), but she wound up sparking something back into their relationship. Ken’s whole demeanor and personality shifted and he not only became the man BB wanted, but also the man every girl wants at the end of the day. It’s not about grand gestures of romance, but about the simple compliments, the random bouts of affection, and the bond and intimacy a couple can share when they collapse onto their pillows side-by-side at the end of the day rather than strangers living under the same roof.

While I did find this read fresh and amusing (BB’s sarcasm, snark, wit, and assholery knows no bounds), there was something more profound there as well. In its own weird way, it brought out a very real side of not only relationships, but marriage as well, and how easily everything can get so comfortable, that you start to feel estranged and not how you felt during the honeymoon phase of courtship. I enjoyed witnessing her experience and took copious notes for any future endeavors I may have of my own. Thanks a million times over, BB!

My Final Rating: four out of five stars

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