Beautiful Bastard

Hey all! Happy Thursday evening (at least in my neck of the woods). The weekend is upon us, and with it, I’m bringing you all a new book (series) review. So here’s the deal, I picked up and read a book that’s actually number 4.5 in its series, and when I went to review it on goodreads, I noticed that I haven’t posted my past reviews for a single book in this series on my blog. I apologize because I LOVE all of these books and you guys all need to pick up copies if you haven’t already, and read them right now. I’m talking about the Beautiful Bastard series by power team authors, Christina Lauren. The more installments of this batch that I read, the less I’m able to choose a favorite man or favorite couple. As we move on, you’ll understand why. Let’s dive right into book one. 

Appropriately titled, Beautiful Bastard, book one draws you in instantly. Bennett Ryan and Chloe Mills are a pair that can go at it in the worst (and BEST) ways. Bennett is rude as anything, but Chloe knows how to handle him and gives him back better than he gets. When things finally heat up and their tempers explode, so do their passions. No time or place is off-limits for these two and it makes for one sexy read! When work and play intermingle, Chloe and Bennett need to navigate waters that are foreign to them and decide the best way to handle their budding relationship. 

This book had me up until 6am and in finishing it, tore my heart out.. Giving me chest pains. I survived it though and I officially LOVE Bennett and Chloe. What a sassy couple! What a wonderful read that went by way too quickly. 

My Final Rating: four out of five stars

I stated with book one that I LOVE Bennett and Chloe, but in Beautiful Bitch (#1.5), my obsession grew! What a challenging and fun couple! These little novellas are just enough “extra” to help complete their story continued from Beautiful Bastard
I don’t want to give too much away, but the premise has to do with Chloe getting accolades and a budding career. Her powerhouse man, Bennett, doesn’t handle the time apart very well, and does everything he can to get his woman to himself for awhile. 
Needless to say, this couple goes toe-to-toe again, and all we get as an audience is fireworks…. explosive fireworks. 
My Final Rating: four out of five stars
Okay… I know Chloe and Bennett are our main couple, but having met Max Stella, the star of Beautiful Stranger, I’m going to pick him for myself. If someone could find me one of my very own, it would be GREATLY appreciated. 
There’s really not much to say about this installment of BB but what it says on the cover. It’s a perfect blend of sex, sass, and heart! Max is ridiculously charming (is it a British thing?) and I’m so glad Sara got to experience her own “happy”. While I envy her and this man she’s snatched up, I adore the world these two have created!
Sara was wounded from a long-term relationship, and I didn’t blame her for building walls around herself, but I’m also really glad she encountered Max on a random night out. He might be a bit crazy compared to everything Sara has been used to, but he’s also the best thing to happen to her. 
Together, they navigate her insecurities and past hurt. She makes Max want to commit to something long-term, and he makes her feel cherished and beautiful in her own skin.  
My Final Rating: four out of five stars
The gang is back in this interlude, Beautiful Bombshell. Bennett and the boys are in Vegas for a bachelor weekend, so obviously, chaos will ensue. 
With a bachelor weekend, comes a bachelorette weekend of sorts. The girls aren’t too far away, and eventually need the guys to come to their rescue. With so many personalities in Sin City, this little story becomes something insane, yet totally amazing for a little getaway! 
This was just an all-around entertaining read! Super fun and sexy too! I loved the addition of Max’s POV!
My Final Rating: four out of five stars
In book three, Beautiful Player, we meet Will Sumner, who is a total sweetheart and turns every girl around into a big pile of useless mush. 
I love this series and I love these men! Will… You sweet player… Your heart is in the right place. It made me love you even more, even if you didn’t always know the best way to navigate a relationship. 

Hanna on the other hand, is the first girl in this trio that I wasn’t super crazy about at first. She’s so clueless and not in a super adorable way (please don’t hate me). When she finally gets some sense knocked into her, she acts in the most juvenile way. Maybe because she’s only 24 with lessons to learn? I have no idea, but I wrinkled my nose at her a few times. 

Thankfully, she comes to her senses, but geez Louise, at one point I was really ready to burn this book. It tore my heart out!

The end… The last page or so… Absolutely perfect and so adorable! I melted. Will gave Max a run for his money in my heart. 

My Final Rating: four out of five stars
Beautiful Beginning is the third novella in this batch of books. What a cute way to wrap up the Beautiful series with our original couple, and I’m not the least bit surprised. Bennett and Chloe are the sassiest couple I’ve ever met and it was nice to finally arrive at their wedding day. I was curious as to whether it would be full of sweet romance, or if it would have some of our trademark Bennett and Chloe attitude thrown into the mix as well. 

I did want a bit more closure with the last few pages, but it was a fun read. I knew more was in store for our batch of bastard friends.

My Final Rating: four out of five stars
Guys! in Beautiful Beloved, we get more of Max Stella, and oh my gosh, how I missed him and Sara! It was amazing to get reacquainted with this couple and see them as parents (spoiler alert)! Life certainly isn’t the same for these two with a little one around, but they know how to make it work! Disasters be damned! Max is hell-bent on keeping the romance alive with his lovely wife, no matter what. 

I’m already in love with Niall as well. I know there was only a little snippet of him so far, but it’s a good thing he gets his own book!

My only (minor) complaint with this story is the fact it only seems to be available as an e-book. I own the rest of the series in paperback, so not having a copy of this on my shelf drives me crazy. I’ve scanned all of the inter web and have had zero luck so far, so if anyone knows where I can get my paws on a tangible copy, I’d be forever grateful! 
My Final Rating: five out of five stars
Niall Stella… Niall-effing-Stella. We’re up to his story in book four, Beautiful Secret, and I’m so excited for you all to meet him! Lordy. There are not enough words. He may be my favorite of all the Beautiful series men.. Or he may tie with his big bro, Max. I’m a sucker for a man with an accent, especially a British one, so I’ll take either one, if not both of them. 

Most romance writers enjoy the tough guy or the hard shell of a business mogul who can’t be penetrated when it comes to his complicated emotions. It was super refreshing to discover not only a gentleman at heart, but a man who had made a massive mistake in his own way, yet remains hopeful when it comes to love. Sure, he’s ridiculously reserved and needs to break out of his shell, but his past never made him cold, calculating, or even a pessimist about his future. 

Meeting the spark plug that is Ruby Miller, he never gives into his animal, primal, male instincts to push her. If anything, the roles are reversed. She’s a ballsy and driven girl who seduces him (in her own way) but takes her time to coach him through his previous blunders in order for him to share his heart again and truly become intimate as a couple. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and I’m sad I went through it as quickly as I did. What girl doesn’t want a man with a lovely accent who calls her names like “dove” or “darling”? Seriously? Swoon city.

My Final Rating: five out of five stars
Finally, we’re at the final installment in this series (for now… I’m sure we’re not done with the likes of this gang). This little novella, Beautiful Boss, brings more of Will, Hanna, and friends! I was beyond thrilled! This beautiful player got to marry his brilliant-but-weird science professor! It was such a cute and intimate wedding before they headed off into the sunset of marital bliss, or do they? 

Hanna is eyeballs deep in job-hunting for Ph.D. lab programs, and Will is ready to pack up and move wherever his beloved wife chooses she wants to settle down.. Even if it’s not their NYC stomping grounds. However, they can’t do anything until Hanna makes a decision, which she won’t do. 

She’s known to bury her head in the sand whereas Will wants her to lay her cards on the table and express her wants and desires so they can discuss things together. Their differing opinions on how to approach their future as a unit lead them to some catastrophic blow-ups just a week into their marriage. Luckily, Will and Hanna know how to remedy those situations in the closest way possible, and it seems to make their fighting worth it if it means they can be bonded even closer afterwards.

I loved reuniting with the newlyweds plus Max and Sara, their baby, Anna, and Bennett and Chloe. Their group is so fun and I’ve really enjoyed my time with every single couple. I can’t seem to get enough, so here’s hoping there’s more from these guys down the road! Now that Will and Hanna have finally decided to pack up and move, I’m anxious to know how married life continues after their relocation!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars

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