Porn Star

Good evening, all! It’s pretty late by me and I’m dragging after a long day, but I had to pop on here real quick to gush and fangirl about my latest read. I know some may judge this immediately due to cover or title, but seriously, read it. If you enjoy indulging in a badass romance, this is the story for you! 

I’m talking about a book that’s hot off the presses (seriously, it came out the middle of this week), and by hot, I mean SCORCHING. What sexy read am I discussing on this lovely Friday-almost-Saturday? It’s simply called Porn Star, a collaboration project that comes from the lovely (and albeit filthy minds) of Sierra Simone and Laurelin Paige. I love anything these two ladies do independently, so when I found out they were working on a project together, I all but combusted with enthusiasm. Porn Star did NOT disappoint, either! 

Logan O’Toole is nothing short of amazing. I really can’t come up with much better to describe all the butterflies this man gave me all throughout the story. He’s witty, hilarious, sexy, and brilliant. He may be in the industry he adores, but I loved learning more about him as a person off camera as well. It was something to learn about his heartbreak from a breakup he never saw coming, or finding out about his passion for poetry or film and cinematography. I got to not only enjoy him and how his mind worked,  but I also discovered the behind-the-scenes of the taboo and clichés that come with the porn industry. 

When Logan meets Devi Dare, all bets are off. They had an opportunity to work together once before, and their attraction was instant, yet fleeting. It’s when they cross paths at an industry party that they become something explosive and essentially experience love-at-first-sight. I received more satisfaction, new knowledge, in-depth discussion and ideas from these two than I did in half of my college courses. Yes, they were a vibrant couple, but what I really loved were their theories on mythology and astronomy. It added a whole new layer to this story. 

On top of it all, there was steam.. and lots of it… more than you’d get from a sauna, and it’s totally worth it. With a novel like this, you have to expect it, so just sit back, relax, and ENJOY. Simone and Paige could write ten more books on these two and I would never tire of them. Absolutely love love LOVED this story!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars


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