The Slam

Happy Monday, bibliophiles! Yes, I’m bringing you another review already! Get excited! I received was recently contacted by a follower on my Facebook page to read and review her latest book. Obviously, I jumped at the chance! The darling Haleigh Lovell gifted me an ARC and even without much of a description or giveaway as to what I was in for, I was excited to dive in as fast as I could! It’s called, The Slam, and I’m just going to get right to the review because I’m too jittery over this read!

I’m sad real life got in the way a bit, but once I started reading this one last night, I couldn’t put it down. I’ve never read a romance novel that made our leading lady one with a condition. I found Adelaide fascinating. She was too cute for words, and I adored Ender even more for how much he doted on and cared for her without letting her condition affect their friendship. I’d love to say more about it, but I’d be giving too much away, so I’m going to let you all find out for yourselves once you grab a copy of this book!

Not only did I get a fun and budding love story, but Adelaide made me learn new things too, which was interesting and gave the story another layer. I’m glad she explained so much throughout the journey and allowed me inside her head, otherwise, I’m not sure I would’ve related to her quite as much. In her detailed explanations and brutal honesty, I was able to put myself in her shoes and see the world through her eyes instead of my own.

Seriously, Ender could not have been better. He’s always been Adelaide’s best buddy even from the time they were little children, so I’m glad that even though he became this tennis star and big-man-on-campus, his opinion of her never changes. In fact, she becomes even more endearing and loveable to him. That’s unreal to me how awesome they were together both as friends, and even as something more.

This was a really fast read, so I hope to see more from these two. I was just getting into the whole boat idea and the ridiculous level of adorable of “many many many more dates” and it ended… so I think this is where I beg for a sequel. Pretty please!

PS- Thank you a million times over for this gift of a story, Haleigh! I appreciate you thinking of me to get an advanced copy so I could tell you (and everyone else) how much I loved it! xx

My Final Rating: four out of five stars


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