Greetings, fellow bibliophiles! Long time, no chat! I finally finished my latest series and it’s a doozy! I’ve been meaning to get to these books for awhile so I’m excited to share my thoughts! On a random outing to my local B&N for the latest book haul, I finally came across the complete series of You by Caroline Kepnes. I did, however, do a bad thing. I totally judged these books by the covers. I was absolutely intrigued when I saw both You and Hidden Bodies popping up in my Instagram timeline with readers going berserk for these stories. After grabbing the basic info, I popped on to my goodreads app to get the description and overall rating before adding these puppies to my ever-expanding TBR pile/shelf/bookcase. Now that I’ve read them both, I’m awaiting more story, the option for the TV adaptation, and coping with my Joe withdrawal. Let’s get to it so that you can all run to your closest bookstores and swipe up copies of these novels.

Book one is the title of the series, You. This might be the least comprehensive review I’ve written to date because I’m simply flabbergasted, gob smacked, speechless, stunned, so on and so on.

This book grabbed me from page one, hell, from the first freaking sentence. I could NOT put it down. I really and truly mean that with every ounce of sincerity I could muster. I finished this book in the parking lot of a Panera because I just had to have this book with me and had to know how it ended right then and there while I waited for my Pick Two combo to be made.

For me, there’s not a single character I this book I could empathize with, but for once, I found that part of the appeal to keep going. Usually, when I’m disgusted with a character or find them unrelatable, I wind up disconnected from the whole story and don’t invest my attention, mind, and heart the way I properly should. The opposite happened with this story. Joe is fishy right from the start, but I’m fascinated by how he thinks. I immediately despised Peach and Benji, and once the layers started peeling away (which happens pretty early on), I wound up loathing Beck as well.

In all honesty, I can’t say too much because it’s very easy for me to say enough to give away major  (and I mean MAJOR) plot points with this story, but just…. Read it, now, no…. Yesterday. I’m absolutely blown away. Despite the fact I couldn’t wrap my mind around the lives of Nantucket bred, pretentious Brown kids and their designer drugs and first world problems (I even had to look up the word solipsistic.. I don’t work in a used and rare book store.. ugh, I WISH) I gobbled this book up. It’s so dark and disturbing that even though there was a sense of an end in book one, I know we’re not done with this adventure yet.

If you’re a fan of Dexter, Norman Bates, Paul Spector, or the Investigation Discovery channel, pick up this book and get to the page-turning as soon as possible! You won’t have nails left, but you sure as hell will have your heart pumping!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars
Hidden Bodies is the sequel to You, and boy, is it ever a sequel. Every time I attempted to write a proper review of this book, words simply failed me. All I can say is that I’m glad this series is in progress with ShowTime because I’m beyond anxious to see how Joe’s story plays out on the small screen. Now all I need is to call my cable company and add ShowTime to my monthly bill because I know I’ll NEED this show when it debuts.

I’m a massive fan of Norman Bates, Paul Spector, Dexter, and now, Joe Goldberg. I know I mentioned that when reviewing You. The inner workings of Joe’s mind absolutely boggle me and I find myself routing for him even though I know he shouldn’t be out and about among what we deem “regular” society.

Leaving the streets of New York and his dark past behind him, Joe is on a mission in Los Angeles, and seems to meet all the right people along the way. It’s when the past mingles with the present to ruin the future that Joe has a problem and needs to become even more determined in his life’s path.

I had numerous interruptions while reading this book, and I almost wanted to pull a Joe of my very own because this story was so utterly full-to-the-brim of suspense, that it drove me crazy to put it down even for a single second! Kepnes may have just shot to the top of my list of favorite writers. Her story-telling is phenomenal and so thorough. I need more Joe in my life ASAP. I must know where his story takes us next! I’m pretty sure there has to be a book three somewhere, but I’m going to keep my fingers crossed just incase.

My Final Rating: five out of five stars





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