Cedric the Demonic Knight

Good afternoon and happy Sunday, my bibliophiles! It’s a rainy and dreary day in my neck of the woods. I’m under the weather, but I’m happy to say I have an assortment of posts to bring you today before I get back to what’s next on my TBR.

To kick off what will hopefully be three posts before the day comes to an end, I’m going to bring you my latest review from the requests I received just after the holiday season. Cedric the Demonic Knight is a paranormal romance and the first story I’ve ever read from author Valerie Willis. The first installment in a trilogy, Cedric took me on quite the journey through the realms of the supernatural.

A living oxymoron, Cedric is both cursed with his demonic creation while also hunting, fighting, and feeding off of other dangerous creatures with the good nobility of an honorable knight.

Upon winning a tournament, Cedric is awarded a lady of his choosing for marriage, and he picks Angeline. For her, all is lost. She is now wed to a monster with no hope of her happily ever after. For Cedric, a new battle emerges from within, and his life has changed from here on out. He initially intends to use her as bait when he comes face-to-face with evil once again, but before he can put that plan into place, she becomes something else to him.

The pair embark on a treacherous adventure to seek out and kill Cedric’s creator, Morrighan. For him, it’s a mission that will surely end in his demise, but with Angeline in his life, and his sudden need to keep her safe, he can’t help the struggle he feels for unknown emotions. Is he falling in love with the girl he married?

Angeline is not all she first appears either. The girl Cedric thought was so simple actually posses some magic of her own, traits swirling in her blood that she doesn’t quite understand. Together, she and her new husband have to learn to navigate their new life together.

When a threat forces the couple to consummate their marriage, therefor creating a bond, they begin to understand each other and their life together. When Cedric is injured, Angeline can feel it in her own body and vice versa. Their matrimonial binding allows them to feel one another’s pain and arousal which brings them so much closer in the face of obstacles and evils they encounter. Adding the intimacy to their relationship really brought Cedric and Angeline to a new level of adoration and possibly love for one another.

I really enjoyed the trip I took with these two, no matter how dangerous it seemed to be, both for them and for myself. I loved witnessing Cedric and Angeline develop and evolve as characters and as a couple throughout the pages of the story. The more I came to understand where each of them came from, and what I learned of their pasts, the more I appreciated and respected them as they chose to make their bond and marriage work.

Angeline and Cedric practically went to Hell and back for one another, and encountered almost every sort of mythical and supernatural creature in the process. With elements of history and folklore sprinkled among their fantastical world, Willis created a dark but magical and enchanting universe I couldn’t help but get lost in with the demonic knight and his beloved.

If you’re intrigued by the paranormal, or the legends of myth and make believe, or if you’re drawn to a tale of witches, demons, monsters, werewolves, and vampires, with elements of an epic romance mingled right alongside, then give this book a go! You won’t regret it!

Until next time, happy reading!

My Final Rating: four out of five stars



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