Book Hauls and What’s On My Bookshelf

Hello there, bookworms! I’ve been meaning to get to this post for awhile, and I finally got the time to sit down and get it to you, so I hope you enjoy it because it’s going to be a bit of a lengthy one. My apologies in advance!

Lately, I’ve had a few friends and family messaging and texting me asking me for book recommendations, which causes my brain to all but short out because I slip into geek mode so fast. I’m sure by time the conversation is over, they’re ready to run for the hills and wish they never asked me for my input because I go insane shoving books their way. I have to hope and keep my fingers crossed that they take a few of my suggestions, because talking about a mutual love of a book is one of the greatest and simplest pleasures I have in this life. To be able to properly fan-girl and discuss ideas and aspects of plots and characters with my people makes me giddy to the bone.

Also, as a fan of the “what’s in my bag?” topic on YouTube (I know.. massive nerd, but they help me think of items to carry that I may randomly forget), I thought I would give you a glimpse into the books I’m reading, what’s coming up on my TBR (to be read) pile, and also provide a bit of a method as to how I go about deciding what to buy on my bookish shopping lists for my B&N. Hopefully, this post will spark some discussion, and inspire some of you to break out of your reading box and discover new genres. I’m ALWAYS looking for something new to read, so I know I appreciate a great suggestion (or several) from others. Now is my time to pass it on and spread the literary love. Enjoy some new reads, and feel free to keep me posted if you decide to pick any of these up for your own collections!

I have a few months of shopping hauls to catch up on.. so I’m done rambling. Here’s some books:

November 3rd Haul:
These are some classics I have on my TBR, and some I’ve already read and love to re-visit from time-to-time. 
1) The Short Stories- Ernest Hemingway
2) Greek Classics- Cliffsnotes
3) The Short Stories- F. Scott Fitzgerald
4) The Complete Sherlock Holmes- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
5) Far From The Madding Crowd- Thomas Hardy
6) The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso- Dante
7) Tess of the D’Ubervilles- Thomas Hardy


November 13th Haul:
This was one of my random B&N wanderings. I had my trusty goodreads app open as I browsed my TBR I built to see if any titles jumped out at me. These books I adopted were the results. 
1) Good Omens- Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
2) Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children- Ransom Riggs (I’ve since bought the rest of the trilogy)
3) The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer- Michelle Hodkin (I’ve since bought the rest of the trilogy)
4) Confess- Colleen Hoover
5) November 9- Colleen Hoover
January 3rd Haul:
This was my birthday haul, so I took myself on a date and went a bit cuckoo. 
1) The Outlander 2016 calendar – This was on sale.. so it was a great deal!
2) The Complete Poems- John Keats
3) First Touch- Laurelin Paige
4) Beowulf- J.R.R. Tolkien
5) The Canterbury Tales- Geoffrey Chaucer
6) Hollow City- Ransom Rigg
7) Library of Souls- Ransom Rigg
8) Myths of the Greeks and Romans- Michael Grant
9) The Nightingale- Kristin Hannah
January 17th Haul:
I joined Emma Watson and her Shared Shelf feminist-inspired book club via goodreads. Also, I’m forever looking at grad schools, so this led to a bit of an eclectic batch of books. 
1) My Life on the Road- Gloria Steinem
2) Cruel Crown- Victoria Aveyard (this is the sequel to Red Queen which I purchased earlier in the year)
3) Grad’s Guide to Graduate Admission Essays- Colleen Reding
February 5th Haul: 
Who doesn’t love book mail? I know I do! Both of these purchases are parts of series, so if you’re thinking of purchasing either one, make sure to go online and look at what order the books are posted in among the overall series. 
1) Wicked Sexy Liar- Christina Lauren (Wild Seasons Series)
2) The Shadow- Sylvain Reynard (The Florentine Series)
February 28th Haul: 
This was another random outing to B&N. Many weekends, I find myself wandering the shelves of my local store either with a friend in tow, or taking myself on a date, and leave with my arms hurting, and my bank account significantly smaller. This was one of those trips. I also decided to replenish my romance shelves. 
1) Mine- Helenkay Dimon (Holton Woods Series. I also own the rest of the series)
2) The Selection- Kiera Cass (The Selection Series. I’ve since bought the rest of the series)
3) Beautiful Boss- Christina Lauren (Beautiful Bastard series. I own the rest of the series)
4) Mercy- Helenkay Dimon (Holton Woods Series)
March 19th Haul: 
I have no explanation. It was a wild weekend and I just went bonkers with taking items off of the shelves. 
1) Doctor Who Coloring Book- I wouldn’t be a proper Whovian without one!
2) Exposed- Jasinda Wilder (Madame X Series)
3) You- Caroline Kepnes (You Series)
4) Hidden Bodies- Caroline Kepnes (You Series)
5) The Elite- Kiera Cass (The Selection Series)
6) The One- Kiera Cass (The Selection Series)
7) Madame- Jasinda Wilder (Madame X Series)
April 1st Haul: 
I was gearing up for all things Outlander and picking up what I could of the end of a series I was reading. 
1) Outlander edition of TV Guide
2) Happily Ever After- Kiera Cass (The Selection Series novellas)
3) The Heir- Kiera Cass (The Selection Series)
4) Scarred Souls- Tillie Cole (Scarred Souls Series)
April 2nd Haul: 
You’re reading the dates correctly. I went to B&N twice in two days. 
1) The Siren- Kiera Cass
2) Love Letters to the Dead- Ava Dellaira
3) An Irish Country Girl- Patrick Taylor (Irish Country Series. I also own part of this series)
4) The Girl You Left Behind- JoJo Moyes
5) The Ship of Brides- JoJo Moyes
April 14th Haul: 
Here’s a glimpse of the books I have en route to me via Amazon. Some of these I read as ebooks, and some I have yet to read. Either way, I want the paperbacks on my shelf. 
1) An Irish Country Christmas- Patrick Taylor (Irish Country Series)
2) Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn
3) Paper Princess- Erin Watt (The Royals Series)
4) The Bad Ones- Stylo Fantôme
5) The Player- Kresley Cole (The Game Maker Series)
6) 44 Chapters About 4 Men- BB Easton
Lastly, I thought I’d give all of you a glance at my TBR shelf. These are (mostly) books from the prior hauls that are on deck. What is not pictured are other novels I have on my larger book cases, books that I have on my iBooks app, and books that I have on my Kindle. If that were the case, we’d be here until at least tomorrow. If you’d like me to do another post about what I have on those devices, feel free to let me know and I’ll get to it next!
1) Myths and Legends
2) Red Queen
3) Cruel Crown
4) A Brief History of Time and Space
5) The Book Thief
6) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
7) Hollow City
8) Library of Souls
9) Beowulf
10) Myths of the Greeks and Romans
11) The Secret History
12) The Devil in the White City
13) The Complete Poems
14) The Canterbury Tales
15) Lord John and the Private Matter
16) Lord John and the Hand of Devils
17) Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade
18) The Scottish Prisoner
19) Grey
20) Ulysses
21) The Ship of Brides
22) The Girl You Left Behind
23) The Siren
24) Love Letters to the Dead
25) Madame
26) Exposed
27) The Bookman’s Tale
28) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
29) An Irish Country Doctor
30) An Irish Country Village
31) An Irish Country Girl
Well, if you’re still here, thanks for sticking with me! Future haul posts most-likely won’t be nearly as long, I just had a lot of catching up to do at the moment. I’ve been dying to post this one for awhile (clearly). I hope this blurb was able to give you some ideas as far as what to read next, or will maybe spark some discussion if you have already read any of the books listed above. Lastly, like I said earlier, I’m always taking suggestions myself, so send some of your ideas my way!
Until next time… happy reading and have a lovely weekend! xx


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