Last Christmas in Paris: A Novel of World War I

Hello, hello and happy 2018, my bibliophiles! Heading into the next 365 days (well, it’s less than that now, huh?),  I feel strong, determined, and inspired for what I feel like is a lot of things going on. I just updated all of you as to the goings on around the site and a bit of my personal life as well, and it’s been mere days, and I feel like a lot has happened since I last stopped by here. It might just be because life is hectic, but I can’t quite put my finger on why I feel busy suddenly.

I had a birthday yesterday and so far, I can’t decide whether 33 is a blessing or a curse. I feel driven to go after things I want in life since I’ve become quite complacent lately (and I’m honestly miserable), but I have to admit, I also feel pretty rough. Maybe it’s my day job, but I feel very run down lately. Anyway, while I look for that zest in life (side note: if anyone is looking to hire an English Major, shoot me a message! I’m desperately searching for a fulfilling bookish position of any sort and can’t seem to have any luck!), I’m super thankful that some more of you have wandered over to my blog and have been seeking out reviews. Due to the recent influx in requests, I have upped my charges just slightly in order to make each of your books priority to read, write, review, and promote. I’m so thankful that each of you have thought of me and have reached out seeking my opinion on my little site. I adore books more than anything, so the chance to help authors market and sell their stories makes me blissfully happy. If you have contacted me and submitted payment, please just be patient with me. I promise that you’re on the top of my list to read and share right on my main page!

I know, I know. You came here for a book review, and here I am blabbing about my personal life. My apologies. I have some good reviews and cover reveals headed your way, an while we’re still in the holiday season (sort of), I thought I’d talk about a book I finished a few days ago but rather enjoyed curling up next to a fire with during the pre-Christmas craziness. Last Christmas in Paris by writing duo Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb was a novel I stumbled across during a bookstore outing and was just drawn to instantly. I hadn’t read anything by either of these authors before, but I was thrilled with how much I enjoyed my time with Paris.

Consisting entirely of letters and telegrams, this story depicts life in areas of England, France, and other areas of Europe during World War I. While it is described as an epic romance, I found that to be secondary to the larger plot. Evie and Thomas have been friends since they were quite young and now that Thomas and Evie’s brother, Will jade left for the front, she can do nothing but pray for them and keep writing. The inseparable trio thought their time apart would be brief and they’d all be together again by Christmas, but they were sorely wrong.

Weeks turn into days that turn into months and then years. Letters among Thomas, Evie, and some of their friends and family fly throughout the pages sharing with us, the audience, their hopes, dreams, and fears for what lies ahead during such difficult and trying times.

Without giving too much away, all I can say is that this book is an emotional rollercoaster. I felt like I was one of the gang reading such personal correspondence and feeling their good times and bad coursing through me as if I were hearing from close friends. Their sadness as well as their triumphs felt like my own.

If you’ve followed this blog a bit, you know how rare it is that I actually shed tears when I’m reading. In the last five years, I think there’s three books that have left me wiping my face as I left the characters behind. Last Christmas in Paris was one of those books for me. What can I say? Years spent with Thomas and Evie and their heartfelt lines to one another throughout such a bleak period in World History left me more than a little emotional.

The holidays may be escaping us, but this is still a solid read any time of year, or if you’d rather wait to cozy up with this one on a snow day or Christmas 2018, do that too. It’ll leave your heart full of complex feelings. It’ll give you the sparkly tingles of the yuletide season, the magic and allure of Paris, the sadness of distance and battle, and the fulfillment of love that transcends all the obstacles.

Until next time, guys. Keep on reading!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars

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