Power Struggle

Hey all and Happy Thanksgiving Eve! If you’ll be celebrating turkey day tomorrow, I hope you all have a wonderful one with lots of family, friends, and great food. Here’s hoping you get some reading in before the tryptophan hits.

Anyway, I’m a bit late on today’s blog post. I’ll admit that I’ve been immersed in NanoWriMo and have lost track of my reading a little. Whoopsie. I also took a break this evening to get into the holiday spirit (with a side of writing inspiration) and went to see The Man Who Invented Christmas. If you appreciate literature, writing, and reading the classics, you should definitely check this movie out. Loving books the way I do, I shed a few tears at the end. Plus, if you’re a Downton Abbey and cousin Matthew Crawley fan, you get some Dan Stevens. Or, if you grew up loving The Sound of Music, you get to see Christopher Plummer as Scrooge, so it’s a nice time!

Now, before I dive back into some writing and reading, I wanted to tell you guys about an awesome ARC that was sent to me a couple weeks ago. Tonight, I’m talking about Power Struggle by Paige Fieldsted. This is the first book I’ve ever read by her, and I’ll be sure to read more!

I really enjoyed this one! I adored this fast-paced story about two powerful lawyers in NYC. Meeting Olivia Roberts and Jameson Beck was such a sexy rollercoaster and I couldn’t get enough!

Olivia has a past she’s tried so hard to forget that she not only left her life, but she changed her name and created a new existence and worked hard to climb to the top. She is an absolute workaholic and doesn’t have time or interest in love.

Jameson Beck is at the top of his game out on the West Coast. When he gets a job offer he can’t turn down, he finds himself relocated to the middle of Manhattan, and right in the path of Miss. Roberts.

From the moment they lock eyes across a crowded bar, they can’t seem to keep their hands off of one another. It’s the best entanglement either of them have ever had, but thats all it can be; no strings attached.

When the pair wind up working on the same high-profile murder case, and looking at the same job promotion, the power struggle ensues. Olivia is feisty while Jameson is commanding, and it makes for so much fun to see which one would dominate their encounters in the bedroom. It’s when the prospect of them battling it out for the same promotion rears its ugly head that the two become heated in a very different way.

I feel like I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed learning about aspects of law and the courtroom, and I especially adored Olivia and Jameson together. They had a fire that really sparked and sizzled whenever they shared a room, whether professionally or personally. The writing was sharp and the novel fast-paced, much like life in bustling NYC.

I’m so grateful that the author and publicity team reached out to offer me a chance to read and review this book. I had such a fun time savoring the words and the characters and can’t tell you enough to snag a copy of this when it hits shelves next week (November 30th)!

Again, I wish everyone a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Happy reading!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars

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