Dear Bridget, I Want You

Good afternoon and happy book review Wednesday, bibliophiles! I hope all is well and you guys are getting lots of reading done, especially those of you participating in the Goodreads Challenge. We’re coming down to crunch time. I already know I’m not going to make it this year. I’m so behind schedule it’s almost not worth trying at this point.

Anyway, as usual, things are hectic. I was just looking at how many reviews I have to post for you and I’m up to at least five.. with another three to add to that pile soon. I might have to post more frequently, but we’ll see what time allows.

Also, this month is NanoWriMo, and while I’ve joined in the past, I’ve never stuck with it, but this year, I intend to make it the thirty days. It’s possible I’ll make a post and share what I’m working on with you, but I’m not quite sure how confidant I’ll be with my own story/words.

Now that all the announcement-type things are out of the way, let’s talk about Dear Bridget, I Want You by the dynamic duo of Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland!

Bridget Valentine is a widowed mom at 34. After losing her husband two years ago, she focuses on her work as a nurse, and caring for her son, Brendan. When teaching him how to go fishing goes awry, she winds up in a prickly situation (and on all fours) in front of the exceedingly sexy (and exceedingly single) Dr. Simon Hogue.

After surviving said awkward moment, the two go back to their own, separate lives. Bridget is trying to keep the bills paid so she may stay in the only place her son has called home. To do that, she winds up renting out an attached apartment/garage space to bring in some extra income. When her friend, Calliope, chooses her friend Simon to crash in the space, things take a chaotic turn. Simon is in need of a place to live without getting locked into a lease. He’s trying to finish his residency in the states before he heads back home to England. A month-by-month apartment rental sounds ideal, until he finds out who his landlady is.

What starts off as a very casually acquainted co-existence, becomes a tension-filled situation. Simon and Bridget enjoy each other’s company, and are clearly attracted to one another, but it’s not meant to be. She has baggage and can’t afford to lose her focus, and he’s leaving within several months to begin his life back home.

While they put their feelings on the back burner and do nothing more than casual flirting, us readers are chanting for them to give in already and let fate take its course. That’s when a letter changes everything.

This was a really fun read. Keeland and Ward certainly know how to give their audience a few laughs as well as tug at our heart strings and fan ourselves at the sexy bits. Simon and Bridget are no exception.

Their entanglement is clumsy, steamy, passionate, and humorous all rolled into one. Between Bridget trying to get out of her head and follow her heart, and Simon’s dirty mouth, it made for one heck of an adventure!

If you’re in the market for a quick but lovely read to snuggle up with in front of a toasty fire this weekend, grab this book if you haven’t already. Dr. Simon is in, and you won’t regret a moment of your time with him!

My Final Rating: three out of five stars


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