Quick Update!

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed tonight’s review! Now, as promised, some updates! I was going to include these in the introduction of my last post, but it started to take up too much time and space, so, here we are!

Recently, I took up a second weekly blog post again and I’ve had just a few difficulties. One, asking readers for ideas of topics they’d like to talk about in the space. Two, finding literary subjects that I’d really like to dig into. Three, and finally, the biggest contributing factor, my schedule. My day job does do its best to keep me busy and in recent weeks, they’ve succeeded. If you follow my book page on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen a few random posts regarding this complication. I will go back to two posts as promised, but I might have to switch up my schedule/days. If you wander in here to read regularly, I swear I’ll keep you updated as to when and what days I’ll be posting for you!

On another note, I have a bit of a mini writing announcement. I’ve been feeling pretty driven and inspired lately, so I’ve been doing some writing and working on a story of my own. I’m only about twenty pages into it, and I’m trying to pace myself (I’ve been strategizing and mapping the plot and characters since May), but I’m pretty excited about it and hope to share it with you guys down the road. So, keep your eyes peeled for some updates on that soon! For now, I’ve added a Wattpad button to the right side of the home screen where I think I’ll be posting sections (once I gain some confidence). Like I said, I’ll let you know and if you’re interested in having another story to read, then feel free to give it a go!

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now, but if you’d like to see something specific or discuss a literary topic here on the site, please leave a comment and let me know!

Also, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter so you can get alerts when a new post goes live. Thanks for sticking with me and happy reading! Until next time!


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