Eagle of the Empire (Relic Hunters #1)

Hello there, bookworms, and happy book review Tuesday! I’m sorry I’ve been a bit MIA as of late, but as usual, life has been hectic. Insanity has led to a bit of fatigue and a lack of posting. However, I’ve been getting a decent amount of reading done where I can so I’m happy to bring you guys a new book to enjoy. Where are my history and adventure-seeking bibliophiles? Tonight’s review is for you!

Recently, a nice and awesome author, Martin Ferguson reached out to me and inquired if I would like to read the first book in his Relic Hunters series. After I read a synopsis of what I would encounter, I was sold. If you guys read or follow this blog, you know I enjoy an adventure and jumping right into history, so of course I dove right into Eagle of the Empire.

First, I met Matt. He worked on the DL for The British Museum and was on a search and rescue mission of sorts for a very important relic for his team. When things go wrong and Matt goes missing, word gets back home to his family. The news hits his younger brother, Adam, hard, and he’s determined to come to the rescue and bring his brother home.

As Adam journeys from London, up into Scotland, and beyond, not only did I get a sense of longing for lands I’ve been to and loved myself, but also a feeling of the lords of the land jumping off the pages. When the story contrasts with the origin of the Eagle relic in ancient Rome, my world expanded even more.

Several of the chapters took me back in time with Marcus Aurelius and the days of grueling war and gladiators. While that time period isn’t as familiar to me (or I didn’t pay as much attention to that part of my history classes), I was still fascinated to learn about the early days of mankind and their need to conquer and dominate their territories. This story gave me more insight into those days and the roll that the Eagle played in it.

Adam is nothing if not determined to find his brother, and the item his brother was after, and it made for quite a fast-paced and educational tale.

I didn’t make it to book two yet, but before I had even finished the first book, I was heading over to Amazon to purchase the second for my Kindle. I really enjoyed my time with Adam, the relic hunters, and the history that helped to lay the foundation for modern-day society. I was pleasantly surprised and completely immersed in this story and, needless to say, I can’t wait to see what adventures the hunters have ahead for me!

My Final Rating: four out of five stars


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