Droughtlander Is Over!

Huzzah, Sassenachs! Our favorite book series-turned-hit tv show has finally graced our screens yet again after more than a year away! As I re-watch the season three premiere episode for the second time tonight, I figured I’d chat a bit about the show. If you know me or follow my social media pages, you know how obsessed I am with this world, so I felt it only right to make a post, ya ken?

I have already read and reviewed all eight books which you can check out in order here:

Dragonfly In Amber
Drums of Autumn
The Fiery Cross
A Breath of Snow and Ashes
An Echo In The Bone
Written In My Own Heart’s Blood

The books are quite a task to take on, but I promise, they are more than worth the adventure! Needless to say, I’m anxiously awaiting book nine.. which I’ve been hearing through the grapevine will be coming out soon. I’m just not sure how soon.

Anyway, the Starz Network show that’s based on the books absolutely does it justice and season three (aka, book three, Voyager) premiered on Sunday evening, and it was everything I could’ve hoped for!

If you haven’t tackled the books or the show yet, let me try to sway you. I haven’t accomplished much in my life, but I have managed to convince numerous people to dive into the lush world that is Outlander, and it makes me so proud. Would a trailer help? It couldn’t hurt, right?

While the trailer explains it well, Outlander is essentially the story of Claire Randall, a combat nurse during World War II, and her husband, Frank, on their second honeymoon post-war in the Scottish Highlands. When Claire stumbles upon some standing stones, blackness closes in around her and she finds herself 200 years in the past. She has no choice but to learn to adapt quickly as the land around her is swarmed with British dragoons and Highland Rebels. After a short time, she realizes that she’s in the middle of the Scottish fight for independence. When The Mackenzie clan stumble upon her, they take her into their care. Adventure and drama ensues, and due to circumstances, she finds herself in a more intimate situation with the dashing Jamie Fraser. Torn between two men, two lives, and two loves, Claire must decide if she’ll stay in her new situation, or go back through the stones to her own time and forget the highland soldier who stole her heart.

In season two, aka book two, Dragonfly In Amber, we travel to France to try and conspire with Prince Charles Edward Stuart to try and change history and stop the Battle of Culloden. Claire knows this battle is one that wiped out the Highland clans and decimated the Scottish culture for years. While Jamie rallies the troops to join the Jacobite Rebellion, behind closed doors, he and Claire are trying to alter fate.

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself with Season Three. The second episode will be airing this Sunday and I simply can’t wait! Based on the Voyager novel, season three find Claire and Jamie apart and Frank very much returned to Claire’s life. I’ll let that trailer speak for itself.

I just adore the universe Diana Gabaldon created with her books. I’m obsessed with the love story that traverses time and space, I admire and even respect the struggle these characters deal with, my heart breaks for the tragic history, and I am so proud of such a popular show and book series being centered around a powerful female lead. Claire is an extraordinary character. She’s feisty, smart, and clever. She uses her knowledge and skills to her abilities in order to survive or help both Jamie and Frank. I know it’s 2017, but with all the craziness in the world, it is so important to see a strong female presence who reminds us to stand tall and kick ass.

Both the books and the show are full of passion, history, adventure, drama, conflict, politics, a hint of fantasy, and steamy romance. I can NOT fangirl over all things Outlander and I really hope that this post convinces you to pick up the books, or start the show (or both), if you haven’t done so yet. I promise, you won’t regret it!

As for me, I’m counting down until this Sunday’s episode. Je suis prest!

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