Atheists Who Kneel And Pray

Hello there, bookworms! Happy Tuesday! Right now, I’m actually at work on my lunch hour, watching the rain pour down. It’s the perfect day to spend curled up in bed with a good book, but that adulting life has me putting in my solid 8-5. Fingers crossed the second half of the day goes rather quickly so I can get back to all the reading.

Anyway, I hope you guys have been enjoying some amazing reads! I, on the other hand have come across a handful of rather controversial novels lately. There have been many mixed emotions about them, and I do plan on giving them a review, but, I’ll warn you now to proceed with caution. I will also be adding disclaimers where needed.

I digress. Who is ready to talk about a much-anticipated read? I know I am! Let’s discuss Atheists Who Kneel And Pray by the queen of words, Tarryn Fisher.

There’s no mincing my own words here. I adore every single one of her stories. I always have, and Atheists is no different. If anything, her books just get better with time and I love savoring every juicy, angsty moment. Her novels are the sort you get truly lost in, and sometimes, you don’t want to find your way back out.

Yara Phillips is no stranger to heartache. Living a nomadic life, she’s not the sort who gets caught up in love, or jealousy, or commitment. Her time is spent working, traveling, and gaining life experience, until she meets David Lisey.

David is a passionate man who knows what (or who) he wants. He knows he’s never wanted anything more than from the moment he encountered Yara. She’s beautiful, mysterious, and leaves him intrigued.

The more he persists, the more she pushes back, which makes him adore her even more. The musician in him finds the muse in her, and they wind up in quite an intense entanglement. Everything in their world is perfect, and they find themselves making sacrifices they never thought they would. They’re willing to try because they know their time together is different, until the day everything changes.

David has shown Yara what it is to love and be loved in return. All she knows is heartache and loneliness, and time has run out for them.

When their one world diverts on two very different paths, is it possible to find a their way back?

I’ve already expressed how much I loved this book, but let’s understand a few things first.

David is lovely. He’s deep, honest, and loving, and just who Yara needs in her life. He’s the sort of man every girl wants and she’s really lucky to have him.

However, Yara is a creature of habit. She knows how life works for her and she has her routine. David doesn’t fit into her routine. He causes her to stay in one place. He makes her love. He ignites the sparks of jealousy. All things to which she’s not accustomed. At some point, she has to do what’s familiar. Which is why I wanted to spend a chunk of this book yelling at the poor girl.

I didn’t always like Yara. She was selfish, standoffish, and cold. She had David worshipping every fiber of her being, and at times, she seemed detached and far removed from their situation. Then I realized that I see a lot of myself in her. I can’t have anyone or anything screwing with my plans. I’m almost to the point of allergic when it comes to relationships, and all I want in life is to travel. The very things I found myself cringing at her for were the exact qualities I admire in myself. That was a bit of a ninja move on Fisher’s part, but damn, if it didn’t make me take a step back and examine myself after I finished this book. Maybe I need to find a David of my own to help me see things a bit differently. For that, I have to thank Yara (and Fisher).

I adored the journey of this story. I went from the rainy Pacific Northwest, to springtime in London, and even a jaunt over to Paris. I got to discover the beauty and flaws of these characters and then fall head-over-heels for the adventure they took me on… even if it caused a great deal of heartbreak on my end in order to get there!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars

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