Trophy Wife

Bibliophiles! Long time, no see! Yet again, life gets in the way and I’ve dragged my feet getting my butt in gear and catching you guys up on all things literary! Adulting is kicking my ass lately and I need to re-charge my batteries, because I’ve been in absolute zombie mode. I promise I’m getting myself together and I have blog posts all stacked up for you, starting NOW.

I think it’s been a week or two since I finished up the book I’m going to be reviewing for you guys. Lately, I’ve felt the need to let my thoughts fester and marinate for awhile before I discuss the story properly. Sadly for me, it’s now happened enough times that my schedule is well and truly backed up, but that’s awesome news for you guys because now you’ll have a whole list of recommendations ready to go for your local bookstore or Amazon wish list! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Tonight, I’m getting back to one of my favorite contemporary authors because, let’s face it, she’s flawless and I’ve read almost everything she’s ever written at this point. I’m talking about Alessandra Torre and her latest, Trophy Wife.

If you’re looking for a sweet and cuddly romance, this is not for you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sexy as all get out, but our main man, Nathan Dumont, is not the knight on a white horse riding in to sweep you off your feet. Not to say that there isn’t a possibility of the HEA, but it will take a lot of work to get there, so be prepared!

Candice Tapers is like a lot of us out there (I identified with her tremendously). She went to school and worked hard, got her education, and had high hopes for her future, until the realities of adulthood hit hard. Struggling to pay bills, get out of debt, living in one hole of an apartment, and driving a car on its last leg, she keeps herself afloat by stripping in a seedy club since she doesn’t have family or even friends to lean on for any sort of support. Her father is the only one in the picture, and he’s in bad shape.

It’s when she finds herself in the service of mogul and playboy, Nathan Dumont, that she has a stroke of luck… if that’s what you want to call her situation. Of course your guard goes up the minute a good looking and extremely wealthy man offers you a marriage proposal, almost completely on the spot. Nathan could have any woman he wanted, but his sights are set on Candy.

She’s strong beyond belief. A girl in her position has no choice but to be, but she can’t help but roll around Nathan’s business deal in her head. Which is precisely what their union would be. Their contract contains the following; schedules, rules, publicity, sexual encounters, and total detachment. They will NOT cohabitant, nor fall in love, under ANY circumstances.

Candy has her pride, but she also knows she needs to survive. What would it hurt to have some fantastic (and kinky) encounters with a dashing man, have the roof of her own guest house over her head, and allow her father to be taken care of financially? It’s not the worst gig she could have.

The pair’s sexual chemistry is explosive, and sometimes even consists of the audience of his security, but Candy can’t help but feel the coldness that seeps into her heart every time they part ways. It gets worse when they put on the works for publicity’s sake. Nathan really knows how to turn on the charm when he has to, so it just feels worse when he returns to his hard ways once the couple is behind closed doors. Candice can’t help but seek comfort… elsewhere.

Trophy Wife was one hell of a thrill ride that just left me breathless and with ALL the feelings. Torre just does that to me. every page is action-packed, sexy, sassy, kinky, and full of drama. I could not get enough of this whole mess of a marriage.

Like I said earlier, this is a dark romance. If you’re looking for the fluffy and sinfully sweet alpha male, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Not that Nathan isn’t a total powerhouse of a male, but he’s brooding, demanding, and borders on harsh at times. You’re biting off a lot when you take on this man, so make sure you can chew. I loved to hate him and I loved to love him.

I couldn’t fault Candy for a single decision she made throughout this story. Of course her heart couldn’t help but get involved at some point, but she stayed pretty consistent at keeping this business deal in her head. I might not have had the guts that she did, but I bow to her because she saw an opportunity and took it in order to live and see the next day.

There were many ups and downs when it came to this particular story, but so help me, I adored every damn moment I spent with these two and their arrangement. If you’re in the market for a sensual guilty pleasure, or a steamy beach read, this is the book for you. Go meet Nathan and Candice, and enjoy the madness of Trophy Wife!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars

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