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Hey there, bookworms! I’m taking a quick break from a Saturday evening of reading, but I just wanted to drop an update and some information here. It’s a good cause, and helps to spread the literary love, so take a look and see if there’s a way you can help!

Give your word at SXSW Interactive
Project Literacy is proud to unveil its 2017 campaign, “Give your word,” at SXSW Interactive this Saturday, March 11.

The campaign focuses on adult illiteracy, because not being able to read and write not only affects the individual, but it affects their families and all successive generations. Research shows that illiterate parents are much more likely to have children that grow up to become illiterate themselves. We can break this cycle, but we need your help.
Whether you can be there in person, or choose to take part online, we have some exciting and immersive experiences where you can get to know some of the real people, who are working hard to improve their lives and the lives of their children. Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

3/11 9am – 6pm CST
3/12 11am – 6pm CST
3/13 9am – 6pm CST

JW Marriott

Not able to join us? There is still so much you can do to show your support!

5pm CST


The Project Literacy Spelling Bee brings some analog fun to the Interactive festival, allowing attendees to compete in support of one of our newly literate adults for a small donation (which Pearson will match dollar for dollar, up to $25K). Think you’ve got what it takes to become the SXSW spelling master? Come along!

Not able to join us? There is still so much you can do to show your support!

  • Join in on all the fun and watch the spelling bee live via our Facebook livestream
  • Tweet @rewritinglives or using #ProjectLiteracy #SXSW to submit a word for the spelling bee
  • Make a donation to one of our literacy partners to support adults learning to read and write

11:30am – 12:30pm CST

Did you know that at the current rate of technological progress, devices and machines powered by AI and voice recognition software will surpass the literacy level of one in seven American adults within the next ten years? Join us for a conversation, on how to leverage the advances in technology to help break the intergenerational cycle of illiteracy. Tune in also for the premiere of our heart warming and inspiring ‘First Words’ film. Register your interest

Not able to join us? There is still so much you can do to show your support!

  • Follow the live social feed @Rewritinglives
  • Submit a question to our panel of experts using #ProjectLiteracy #SXSW
  • Share our ‘First Word’ film on your social networks after the premiere, March 13th. The film will be on our YouTube channel

Find out more about all of these events at If you know of anyone who will be attending SXSW Interactive, please share this information. We hope you can join us in person or online!

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