What I Need (Alabama Summer #5)

Hey there, my bookworms! Well, already we’re on the cusp of another hump day (thank goodness), so I thought, why not bring you my latest review? Here’s the thing, it’s tough to do because words are escaping me. I started this book super late Saturday night and was finished on Sunday. It’s going on Wednesday and I still don’t have a single coherent thought. None. This sucks for two reasons. One, because as I move onto new stories, posts get backed up and I find myself overwhelmed and not doing my reviews, hauls, and more justice. Two, because rightfully so, I wind up being unfair to the author when they get their time in the spotlight on my page, or when I’m attempting to get on my soapbox and tell everyone what I really think of the time I spent in another world and meeting another group of friends. For fangirling over so many books on such a regular basis, it’s ridiculous how bad I am at bringing proper words to this website sometimes.

Anyway, I think it’s only fair that I get to the latest story I’ve read and just, be honest. The truth from the heart matters more than perfection and polishing when expressing sentiments, so let’s do this! I hope you’re with me!

I’ve read every single novel J. Daniels has published and all I can do is chomp at the bit for more. When she released What I Need after a few delays, she told her readers that CJ Tully was her favorite guy, and she had written a good man for us to enjoy. This is precisely what I adore. I have never once been attracted to the “bad boy”, if you will. I know I’ve read a few in the past whom I’ve loved, but that’s always because deep down, they’re good men (without the heroine having to spend the course of the story changing them), rather, I like to think the bit I’ve read, have had a handful of less-than-desirable qualities, but weren’t that way at their core. In this regard, Daniels has zero worry. Yes, CJ is a good man.. hell.. he’s beyond good. He’s everything a girl could ever want (I mean that), but if J. Daniels ever wonders, she should know, she always writes good men, and I adore her for it. He’s solid, and beyond stellar, much like his literary comrades.

CJ is a member of the Alabama Boys circle.. have you met them yet? Ben, Luke, Reed.. and now, Mr. Tully. All I have to say to this gaggle of men is… hot damn. Seriously. Excuse me while I faint. What I Need is number five in the line-up, so if you’re curious about the first four installments, you can check out my review for them here, and savor every single one.

Anywho.. CJ is present for a friend’s wedding (no spoilers), and that’s where he runs smack into Reed’s baby sister, Riley. This poor girl doesn’t know what it is to be appreciated, respected, adored, and just treated in a civil manner. Almost the moment she arrives, she cozies up to the bar to nurse her wounds after a bad fight with her (ex?)boyfriend Richard. Luckily, CJ is there to keep a protective eye out for her, and his draw to her side becomes something incredible. It’s after an explosive weekend together that the two return home, to reality. It’s then that they’re smacked in the face with truths they weren’t ready to handle.

Riley’s relationship that she thought was over, might be coming back to rear its ugly head, and CJ takes what he can get because he knows what she deserves. They become friends. Friends who have the ability to become one another’s lifeline. CJ has to deal with the rug being pulled out from under him, while Riley is in desperate need of new scenery. They somehow wind up being an unlikely, but likely pair.

These two certainly know how to build up the tension, and how to keep the chemistry alive and off the charts. For such a chunk of this book, I had such anxiety over which road these two would take, and all I can say is I was left all but screaming into a pillow, and in a complete Tully depression/funk. Clearly, because like I said, it’s days after I finished this book and I know I’m not saying all I want to regarding this man and this story.

My obsession with these Bama boys is just… unreal, and I’m going to need more of them before I lose my mind. Do yourselves a favor and go meet CJ Tully as soon as you can. I mean it, and enjoy every moment because he’ll simply blow you away!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars

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