Hey again, bibliophiles! I know… another review. I’m so sorry (not really). I’ve been burning through books lately and have to post my reviews because if I let them sit for a day or two, they’ll just get backed up and then you’ll REALLY be bombarded by bookish reviews!

Anyway, it’s been a slow(er) day at the office, so in my spare time, I decided on a new read, and settled on this sweet novella by M. Andrews. As I’ve stated earlier, my TBR is beyond stacked up. Whether they’re tangible books on my shelves, or on my iBooks or Kindle apps, I’m overwhelmed, which means, I’ve been having the toughest time trying to decide what to read next (I really need to get on that jar idea already). I took a night to sleep on a few top choices I had, and finally settled on cracking the cover of Cupcake.

This was a very cute (and beyond steamy) read! Meeting Grayson and Pippa was an absolute treat, pun intended! He’s a rookie football player for the Boston Minutemen, and she’s the brains and beauty behind Pippa’s Just Desserts.

They’re both workaholics, and neither are looking for a relationship or to be tied down and nagged, until they meet each other. The chemistry flies off the charts. They try to keep things as casual as possible, in order to satisfy their mutual sparks, but they know it won’t last and that something more is sizzling below the surface. Within days, they know they need each other more than the air they breathe, and decide to REALLY commit to one another.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat to take up some time on a lovely afternoon, go indulge in these two! They’ll make you see the decadence of desserts in a whole new light!

My Final Rating: four out of five stars


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