Beautiful (Beautiful Bastard #5)

Hello again, bookworms! It’s time for review two of the night! It’s time to talk about Beautiful by Christina Lauren. This is book five in the Beautiful Bastard series that I reviewed not too long ago. You can check out my thoughts on the previous installments here. Now that you know which books I’m discussing, it’s time to delve right in!

I love love love loved this story! Not that that’s a shocker. I’ve been obsessed with this series ever since I picked up Beautiful Bastard ages ago at my local B&N. For it all to finally come to an end was absolutely bittersweet, but I’m not only glad I got some more time with one of my favorite gangs, but I got to add some new characters to the circle as well before I left them.

Time to meet Jensen (Hanna’s brother) and Pippa (Ruby’s friend from London)!

I really related to both of these characters. It wasn’t because of their relationship woes, but because of where they found themselves in life. Both work hard, both do really well, but both are not entirely fulfilled and are in desperate need of a change and expanding their horizons.

I’m thrilled that a spontaneous vacation led not only to a steamy fling, but to options. Pippa got to see what life would be like in a new country with old and new friends, and Jensen got to see what life would be like with work and pleasure mixed together.

Yes, I enjoyed the romance. I’m never disappointed with what Christina Lauren write when it comes to character chemistry, but what I took away from this story the most was our decision-making abilities. My biggest fear in life is doing nothing else but working to live to the point I’ll wake up one day and it’ll be too late to do anything else. I’m so glad I had Pippa and Jensen there to remind me that we only get this one life (as far as we know), and so, we have to live a little, and that we’re only one decision away from a new life. Take that vacation, doing something spur of the moment, meet new people, fall in love, and go out on a limb from time-to-time. Stability is great, but it’s also just a bit routine, and will always be there later.

Don’t even get me started on all the little epilogues that came with this story. I was in utter bliss when I got to spend more time with some of my old, beautiful favorites!

Is it too soon to ask for a follow up/spinoff series involving the beautiful babies after they’ve grown??? I don’t want to let go yet (ever)!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars


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