Ask For It (Georgian #1)

Hello, all! Long time, no see! My plans for this place got away from me a bit. I had some things going on in my personal life, and then with the impending holiday weekend, and trying to squeeze in some sleep and socialization here and there, my tasks escaped me a bit. However, I’ve been discussing some literary things with a few family and friends, and I will be bringing some exciting features to the blog in the near future that I can’t wait to get to! Stay tuned, because I’m shuffling some life priorities around, and I’ve decided to do some work in this space and really incorporate some new ideas and entries I’ve been delayed on getting to for awhile now.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and holiday weekend (to those of you who celebrated), and since we have another holiday just around the corner, and a goodreads deadline fast approaching, it’s now cram time! I for one have a ton of books to get to before December 31st, and I’m way behind. So I’m going to try really hard to see what I can get done and reviewed for you guys before the new year hits. Of course, I do love to enjoy my books, so I won’t rush through anything for the sake of posting, but I’d still like to see how close to my goal I can get.

Okay, Finally. Review time! I finished this book over a week ago and just didn’t get the opportunity to put a proper review together for you. My original plan was to read this entire series and post one giant review for all four books, but you’ll see why that didn’t happen. Tonight, I’m talking about Ask For It, the first of the Georgian series by Sylvia Day.

This was a steamy read, but unfortunately, my least favorite of Sylvia’s books so far. I just wasn’t into it. That might be my fault, but my lack of commitment to this story made the plot suffer. I didn’t even fully know what was going on half the time. This, of course, broke my heart because I’m a massive Sylvia fan and was obsessed with her Crossfire series for years. I thought I would adore every moment of a period era romance, but, no dice.

There was a past affair/engagement between our main characters, something with a journal that their enemies were hunting, people in danger, and the characters forgetting the past to find a brighter future. I finished it, and at the end, I was finally getting into it, but it looks like the rest of the books in the series deal with other characters and not Marcus and Elizabeth, who I was finally acquainted and attached to.

I found the whole dynamic between Marcus and Elizabeth alluring, but somehow childish. Right in the beginning, we find out they were engaged, but he had a seemingly insatiable appetite for any woman with a pulse, and in her heartbreak, Elizabeth ran off and married another man. After her husband’s untimely death, Elizabeth finds herself very much in the dominating presence of Marcus yet again, and even though she is immediately drawn to him, she refuses to have her heart broken. She fights him tooth-and-nail, and loses… badly. He seduces her rather quickly, and before they can even talk about their past, they fall back in bed together.

That seems fine and sexy until the sheets have cooled and the tempers flare all over again. The two are so angry and hurt by what they’ve done to each other in the past, that they just let their hatred and dislike fester without actually talking out a giant misunderstanding. How can they possibly move forward if they won’t handle their situation like adults? Emotions got the best of both of them for quite a chunk of this book and I found myself rolling my eyes.

When you throw in all the extras to the plot that I mentioned prior, I just finished the book and walked away. One of these days, I’ll approach my shelves and pick up the other three to read and review, but for awhile, I think I’ll take a break and tackle something else from my TBR pile instead.

My Final Rating: three out of five stars



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