Red Card

Happy Saturday, bibliophiles! I’m just going to apologize, and do so profusely because I’ve been sitting on this review for over a week and other just kept happening first and this one got a bit buried. I’m not even going to dance around, but rather just get to it since I’ll actually be bringing you another review tomorrow as well. Luckily, my schedule is slowing me to get books done just a bit quicker, but my review time has been shot to hell lately. I’m going to say what I’ve been saying a lot of lately, and just hope it changes.

So tonight’s book. It had all the elements I love as an absolute anglophile. A London setting, travel, adventure, a hot, British alpha, and sizzling chemistry. I’m talking about Red Card by Carrie Aarons.

When Leah Watson finds her entire future in shambles in front of her, she decides to make a change and take an internship across the pond in London. Coming from small town Oklahoma, she’s in for quite an adventure. Not only is she in a new country and a new city, but she also has to handle Killian Ramsey, the hot-headed football star.

Killian is running and hiding from his past. His mask is perfectly in place, and he hasn’t let anyone see his true self since tragedy struck five years prior. That is, until Leah falls into his life.

This was a cute and quick read. I enjoyed the overall story and Leah and Killian are a sizzling duo. I think I would’ve really loved it if I got more time with them.

I feel like this one was a bit rushed and too short to properly convey everything the characters were feeling. It created a lot of whiplash for me.

Still, it was a very sweet and fun story for a weekend read. I wish I could be Leah and living in London with a smoking hot Brit.

My Final Rating: three out of five stars


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