Written in the Scars

Happy Mischief Night, my bibliophiles! I wish I were still a kid so I had an excuse to go play outside with silly string and toilet paper like a little prankster to get into the holiday spirit. I can’t really complain that I’m settled in with some Halloween classics and my latest book review though! This new book from Adriana Locke is a total gut-wrenching read. I can’t wait to tell you all about Written in the Scars!

Good god. This book ripped my heart right out! I know I’ve said this about other stories, but I loved how real this book was. It got me right from page one. There are only a few books that have affected me to the point of showing emotion in the past couple years, and this one goes right in one of my top spots. Normally, I keep that stuff bottled up, but I couldn’t keep my teary eyes at bay with this story.

Instead of following a couple’s trials and tribulations throughout the dating phase, this answered the questions as to what happens after marriage, and it has the potential to be terrifying because not everything is smooth sailing in the slightest.

My heart ached for every moment that unfolded between Ty and Elin. The honeymoon is most certainly over for these two, and now they need to know what the future holds, and if “happily ever ever” is, in fact, in the cards for them.

While they look desperately for the right answers, their friends have their own demons to battle. My heart went out to every single character involved. Whether it was Elin’s brother, Jiggs, and his wife, Lindsay, battling with the next chapter of their lives, or the fifth (and most important) wheel, Cord, not quite fitting in and being the lone wolf of the crew.

I’m glad I didn’t finish this book while I was at work, because the end definitely left me in tears. My heart was shattered and then pieced back together again.. and I’m glad I walked away from this having learned some significant lessons about life and love from each and every one of these characters.

I can’t say too much more without giving away the rest of the story. All I’ll say is that you absolutely must add this book to your TBR asap because this is a journey that can NOT be missed!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars


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