Outlander 2K Giveaway!

Hey all! I’m just stopping in to leave a quick note for you. Like I mentioned in my previous book review post, I’m having a giveaway for reaching 2k Instagram followers. How crazy! I thought I would post the giveaway here as well and give all of you kind souls who visit my blog a chance to enter for this sweet (literary) treat!

As you know, I just got back from a stint across the pond, having spent time in bonnie wee Scotland. My time there was beyond magical (still debating putting a post up regarding my excursion), but in keeping with the theme of it all, I thought, “why not make my giveaway Scottish?”. That’s just what I did.

I’m just going to get to it and let you guys get to entering.

Did someone say….. GIVEAWAY?!? Here it is! Of course, I had to involve my favorite historical romance as the prize! If anyone hasn’t read the Outlander series yet, but were planning on giving it a go, now is your chance! To win, simply head over to my Instagram account and do the following:
1) give this post a like and share with the hashtag using #Outlander2KGiveaway
I’ll announce a winner on Friday (10/28)! Good luck!! 💕💕💕


Thanks a million for all the likes and support over the short time that I’ve made my adoration for reading more… social media friendly. Cheers to more bookish adventures and sharing the literary love!

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