Good evening, bibliophiles! I would say “happy Sunday”, but we all know there’s nothing happy about a Sunday when Monday is only hours away. Luckily, we get to end the weekend with another review and recommendation!

Also, as a brief side note, tomorrow, I’ll be announcing a giveaway I’ll be having over on my Instagram page. Since I’ve acquired more than 2,000 followers (insanity), I promised to give out a little treat that I themed to my recent trip abroad in Scotland. if you’re interested in checking that out and participating, wander on over there and keep your eyes peeled!

Now that I’ve made that little announcement, it’s time to get into the review. This is a book I’ve had sitting on my iBooks for…. I don’t even know how long. It somehow just got buried among all of my downloads. I was happy I just took the time to really scroll through my choices in looking for my next read, and had the title jump out at me. I’m talking about Misconduct by Penelope Douglas.

Call me a sucker for teacher romances, but I just could not put this book down. It had such a great balance of romance, sensuality, intellect, thrill, and suspense, that I found myself staying up past my bed time to get it done. I’m sad that it went so quickly, but I had to pick my battle, and quick page-turning won.

I adored Easton’s kickass character. She was tough as nails and had a bigger set of balls on her than any man in the book. Luckily, when it came to Tyler Marek, she met her match.

An astute and successful multi-millionaire, the man knows what he wants, and her sharp tongue intrigues him more than he’d like to admit. He can’t help but pursue her, even if she is his son’s teacher.

While both of them have their lucrative careers and reasons for keeping things to one night or casual at most, they knew they bit off more than they could chew when they encountered one another. All I can say to that is, thank goodness, because it made for one hell of a fun and sexy ride!

My Final Rating: four out of five stars


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