Neighbors (Twin Estates #1)

Hello, there! It’s almost Friday. Not yet, but almost (yay)! I figured I’d post my latest review in order to give a suggestion for weekend reading, or just leave you giddy that the weekend is upon us, and you’ll have so much time to dedicate to your TBR list! I know that’s my goal these next few days for sure. I’m on people and work overload, so I can’t wait to shut down with some pages.

Anyway, let’s get to this ARC from Stylo Fantome. I was lucky enough to get an early copy, and just couldn’t get to it quick enough. I had so many life distractions, that it took me almost the entire week to finish. Sad, right? Once I got done with everything, I needed to sleep on my thoughts in order to bring out a proper review.

What I decided is that there’s too many ways for me to easily give away spoilers, so I’d rather just do something short and sweet, and let you guys uncover the mystery of it all on your own. I don’t want to ruin any surprises for you (and there are a LOT of them).

I do know that I need book two… right now!

I had a feeling I knew where this story was going, but was still on the edge of my seat as layers were revealed to me. The characters all drove me crazy, and made me want to throw my kindle several times.

There’s Katya, the good girl, the one with the routine, who has such a safe and predictable life. She dresses like a librarian, is seen as a bit boring, and spends her days baking cakes and sweet treats. When she decides to create a dating profile, she attracts the likes of Liam Edenhoff, her neighbor and owner of an exclusive sex club. After shaking things up a bit with him, she also bumps into Wulfric Stone, her neighbor from childhood memories. The new Katya is in the middle of a tug-o-war with these men, and can’t seem to decide who she wants.

I’m not sure if it was because she was innocent and a bit naive, or if it’s just what she prefers, but Katya’s attraction and need for Wulf was infuriating. Personally, I’ve never been a sucker for the bad boys, or the jerks, so her obsession with one completely threw me. I’m all for it in a story where he has this underlying heart of gold, or a need to be alpha and protect what’s his, but in Wulf, I didn’t see that, so, I just white-knuckled it on my kindle to keep from chucking the thing across my bedroom and breaking it. In Liam, I saw some redeeming qualities, and I DID understand her need for him, so for me, it was an easy decision as to who she should choose. For Katya, not so much. One week, her life is beige, planned out, and free of heartache, and the next, all hell is breaking loose, and her world is being turned upside down by two beautiful, yet destructive men.

Unfortunately, this is one of those books where I can’t say TOO much without posting spoilers, so all I’ll say is…. read this book now. Two men and a bit of a love triangle cause for adventure, and a TON of drama!

My Final Rating: four out of five stars

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