Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood #2)

Good evening, bookworms! It’s almost Friday, and it’s finally a new month! Fall is upon us so I’m all but giddy. I’m also clearly getting into the impending Halloween season by immersing myself in a lengthy vampire series by J.R. Ward. I just finished book two, entitled Lover Eternal and I’m starting to really fall down the rabbit hole and into the depths of the brotherhood. I know I’m early on, but that’s just the way it is, guys.

Also, sidenote. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, any of my media, you know a bit about my personal life and how much my reading schedule and 2016 goal has taken a hit lately with life and just… adulthood. Anyway, I was doing my August wrap-up and was so disappointed at how much I slacked for the month. I’ve been in a bit of a funk and not only have my books taken a beating, but my blogging and reviewing have as well. I’m sorry if I’ve dropped the ball lately, but I’m really going to try harder from here on out, because I think my reading funk is going away… slowly but surely. Anyway, let’s talk about some sexy vampires, shall we?

Oh my goodness, I adore Rhage. If you know anything about me and my book reviews, I’m a sucker for a man (creature?) like him. A previous player of sorts who is struck virtually immobile when a game-changer of a girl crosses his path, and man, does he do what he can to grab her attention from the moment their eyes lock.

My friends who have already read this series have warned me how possessive these males are of their mates, and man, were they beyond right. I appreciate the head’s up more than they can know because I’m just now hitting my third book in this series and I’m overwhelmed by their intensity. I don’t know what I’m going to do by time I get to book fourteen and beyond.

Like I stated earlier when I reviewed book one, I’m not entirely on board with the vampire aspect, but so far, I’ve found it tolerable since there’s so much more than that going on as well. I enjoy learning about their laws and seeing how they balance their dynamic among the human world to try to coexist and survive as a race.

I respected the hell out of Mary too. She’s thrown into Rhage’s universe when she comes to the rescue of a young stranger, and her life becomes forever changed. She comes with her own baggage, and it’s not necessarily the kind she can address and then move on from. Once Rhage is enthralled, there’s no turning back for these two. He has a beast of a secret as well, so between the pair, they sure have their work cut out for them. Once they decide to commit to their attraction and figure out a dynamic that they can live with, they go full force and it is a hell of an adventure. My heart swelled with happiness, and then shattered into a million pieces.

The threat of the lessers has intensified, and my heart is in my throat to find out what happened to one of the brotherhood’s own who wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s also some other minor players I’ve already become attached to, and would love to meet more of them in future installments. I’m anxious to get to book three and see what I’ll encounter next and see how things unfold from here!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars



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