The Widow

Good morning, everyone… happy Monday! That just sounds so wrong, doesn’t it? I’m actually swamped at the office this morning, but I finally finished my latest read, so I wanted to take a moment and tell you all about it, mostly since I’m proud of the fact I made it to the end. It’s The Widow by Fiona Barton.

Quick side note; I am still working on a series I started a few weeks back, but that review will be delayed since I’ve taken a break between books one and two. It is still happening, I just don’t know when. I’m a bit on reading overload right now, so just bear with me.

Okay, so The Widow… This one just…. didn’t do it for me. I finished it, and that’s why I’m giving it three stars, because I almost quit about 75% in, I was dragging that badly with this story.  I’m not even going to rant on, because I didn’t walk away from this book outraged by what I read. I’m going to keep this review simple and let you decide if it’s worth picking up your own copy.

A few friends of mine have told me how much they loved this book, so I apologize for not agreeing with you. it was… okay at best. maybe I watch too much Investigation Discovery. Maybe I’ve read one too many thrillers, but getting through this one was more of a chore than anything. don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the writing and the style the author brought to the table, but as far as plot and suspense factor, it just wasn’t there for me. It unfolded in the most predictable ways possible.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, or some massive twist to come about and make this exciting as a read so that I could give it more stars and love it as much as others seemed to love it, but that never happens. The plot and characters are pretty easy to read right from the get-go. If you’ve had any experience with mystery, thrillers, murders, crimes, who-dun-it, etc… you’ll know to just keep everyone as a suspect, and you’ll figure it out pretty quickly. The pieces of the puzzle fall into place with almost no hiccups throughout the journey.

My Final Rating: three out of five stars





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