Broken Prince (The Royals #2)

Happy Monday, bibliophiles! It’s a dreary one in my neck of the woods, and has been for days. I apologize because I finished my latest read days ago and just haven’t gotten the chance to post my review. Not too long ago, I began a new series entitled, The Royals, and met the one and only Reed Royal in Paper Princess (you can read my review here). Well, Erin Watt is at it again, and the boys are back in town with the newest installment, Broken Prince.

As usual, I enjoyed my time spend with Reed (and his brothers). I was never disappointed because there was always drama unfolding. Whether it was their father, Callum, and his girlfriend, Brooke stirring things up, or the pranks of the kids at school, there was always something big going on.

When we last left Ella and Reed, things were completely awful. Now that we’re with them again, the tension between  the two is palpable. Secrets and lies have torn their bond to shreds, and it seems there’s no repairing it. Since Ella is a bit of an outsider and an unknown in a world of old money, private schools, and catty, spoiled teenagers, her world is all but turned upside down without the support of the Royal brothers.

This story reminds me a lot of a soap opera. The antics are there, but it’s carried out in a discrete and elegant fashion, despite aspects of this book being quite physical among characters. There’s turmoil in the Royal household, things at school are always tense between cliques of students, couples are forever feuding, football game nights are a battleground, and what happens behind closed doors is always a steamy and controversial time.

As usual, I’m left in limbo after yet another cliffhanger! I can’t wait for book three! The cover doesn’t lie, because these Royals WILL ruin you!

My Final Rating: four out of five stars



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