Stoned (Wrecked #1)

Good morning! I hope everyone is well and enjoying a mountain of books for me! Things are still a bit hectic on my end, but luckily, I got just a bit of down time on Sunday so I got a decent chunk of reading done. I was about to finish up my latest last night post office life, and now, I bring you my latest love… Stoned by Mandi Beck! I’ve been chomping at the bit ever since I saw this cover, so I’m thrilled I was finally able to make time to devour this book. Time to get to the good stuff!

Stone Lockhart… Stone mother-flipping Lockhart. He certainly shattered my heart to bits.

This tale of romance, was so much more than a few laughs and the butterflies and rainbows that go with a fairytale. Stoned was mostly angst and heartache. The couple in question, as well as the reader, needed to fight to the end to see if love is worth the fall…. and the fight to really get what you want.

Stoned was a tough story for me because I could easily be on anyone’s side throughout this tale, but in doing that, I wouldn’t have gotten the happy ending I wanted.

Stone is trouble. He’s trouble for his band mates, trouble for his girlfriend Willow, and mostly, trouble for himself. Unfortunately, he just had to reach rock bottom to see that. It’s his choice whether or not he’ll fight his demons and overcome his past so that he can live to enjoy the future.

After losing everything that ever meant anything to him, he has to finally open his eyes to the fact he’s not untouchable and attempt to fix everything he’s broken. He just has to hope he’s not too late for his second chance at life.

My heart broke a little more with every page I turned. I could sympathize with Stone, but I also felt protective of Willow and hell, I even adored Joaquin. There wasn’t a set villain here which made it that much more difficult and heartbreaking for me to be a cheerleader for the couples involved.

I can’t say too much without beginning to give spoilers. I know once I start gushing and raving about this book, I’ll do just that, so instead, I’m going to keep it short and sweet and let you guys discover Stone Lockhart for yourselves. What I love the most is the fact that this is book one in a series, so now I just have to attempt to be patient for the next installment!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars


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