Happy Sunday Funday, bibliophiles! Once again, I’m a bit delayed in bringing you a review because my reading schedule has been taking a serious hit. Fingers crossed things settle down soon and I can get back to my regular schedule. I finally finished Moonshot by Alessandra Torre in the wee hours of the morning, so I had to bring you the review! This is one to add to your TBR pile right away because you won’t be disappointed.

This is the seventh book of Torre’s I’ve read, and once again, I’m smitten!

Her Innocence trilogy dealt with romance and just a hint of darkness while her Deanna Madden was total thriller.. Dexter meets Fifty Shades. In Moonshot, I saw key elements of both blended perfectly together to take a new story to another level.

Ty is the only child of a New York Yankee legend. The team is her family, and she even grows up working with the franchise.

Chase Stern is an up-and-coming player with a reputation. When he’s traded to The Yankees, the stars align and their fates are sealed. The pair try their best to keep things platonic, but a friendship is only the start of what is in the cards for them.

Things move fast, but perfectly for the two, until they’re suddenly not. A misunderstanding causes them to fracture seemingly beyond repair.

When they finally decide to find their way back to one another, things are far more complicated.

A marriage is at stake, secret trysts seem to lurk around every corner, and dead bodies begin stacking up. What began as a tale of true love turns into one of secrets, deception, seduction, and murder.

I adore every minute of Torre’s tales. this one was no exception. I loved how intense the build up of Moonshot was despite the fact its pages weren’t filled to the breaking point with elaborate descriptions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total fan of an elaborate plot build, but with her stories, I really love how succinct they are. She doesn’t waste space with the unnecessary, but rather, gets right to the point while also creating excitement and anticipation to find out what’s next. Her quick and to-the-point style keeps me on my toes every single time and I can’t turn the pages quick enough. I also really appreciate how real her character interaction is. She never hands me a sweet romance tied up in a perfect little bow. There’s always a massive monkey wrench thrown into the mix which forces the characters to face uncomfortable and heartbreaking situations before attempting to make their way to utter happiness, if they even can. Moonshot is no exception and Torre totally hit a home run with this one!

My Final Rating: five out of five stars


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