Filthy English (English #2)

Good evening once again, bibliophiles and bookworms! I was not planning on bringing another book review to you so soon, but once I opened this one, I couldn’t stop. It’s been a book I’ve been anticipating for awhile now, so to get an ARC copy on my Kindle a few days ago just about made my week! I’m talking about Filthy English by Ilsa Madden-Mills. I loved book one, Dirty English, and couldn’t wait for more! Not to worry! If you haven’t read book one, you can technically read this bad boy as a stand-alone novel. If you want even more British boys in your life (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), then I highly suggest reading book one as well! Anyway, let me get into this story!

Holy tension, Batman! I began this Filthy English this morning and devoured every last morsel because Dax and Remi ripped my heart to shreds with their drama! I despise when couples (or, potential couple, rather) have such problems almost from the get-go simply because they don’t voice their truths, but I’m also a glutton for punishment (we know this at this point). The more these two battled, the more I had to hold in my screams and resist shaking my kindle in the middle of my office. I knew when they reached their pinnacle, that they’d be something explosive in a phenomenal way, I just had to keep my fingers crossed I got to that point. Just when I thought they couldn’t fight anymore, they surprised me, over and over again!

Dax is used to those he loves leaving him, and he hates the pain it inflicts on his heart. In order to play it safe, he remains as casual and as disconnected from others as he can. Very few have penetrated his inner circle. Remi is the one who throws a wrench in that idea.

She’s engaged to the “perfect guy”, she has a plan, she’s ambitious, and a type A personality with her routine and sense of control. When her plans don’t go as she would have liked is when she decides to throw caution to the wind.

Heartbreak and spontaneity collide in London. Dax and Remi cross paths and all bets are off, but their interactions are less than ideal, and it turns out, they have a history together. Just be prepared for a rough ride!

Sometimes, love isn’t simple, and people have to work out the kinks before they can move forward together into their happily ever after. Remi and Dax are proof of just how hard you have to push the boundaries and step out of your comfort zone to try to get everything you want in your life.

Make sure to add this one to your TBR right now because it comes out in just a few more days! Release date: July 11th, 2016!

My Final Rating: four out of five stars



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