Sacred Hart

Hello to all of my bibliophiles out there! Happy Friday! I hope you have a lovely weekend full of reading and enjoy every minute! Personally, my weekend looks a bit on the hectic side, so I’m not sure when I’ll get to sit down and crack a new book. On the bright side, before I get eyeballs deep in craziness, I have another review coming your way! It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a story too. I’m talking about Sacred Hart by the extremely talented A.M. Johnson.

Holy Moses, what a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous story! Even if most of it broke my heart to pieces, I adored every minute. This wasn’t just a romance or a work of fun fiction, but a depiction of life’s journey. Aspects and facets of these pages are dark and deal with situations we would never want to deal with ourselves, so I’m thrilled the characters went there and were forced to face what life has thrown their way.

Ryan Hartford was dealt a shitty hand from a young age. An untimely death, an affair, prison, and heartbreak, no wonder he was welcoming an end of his own with open arms. It’s when he decides to leave his old life behind and move far away, that he finds the opportunity to begin again. He just has to be brave enough to take the bull by the horns.

Maggie Wright is a single mom, hard-working nurse, and wary of relationships after having her heart shattered by the absent father of her child. The last thing she was expecting was an out-of-towner to turn her world upside down.

It’s when the two cross paths that not only a friendship forms, but something so much deeper, that a lifetime together would never seem like enough.

When an emergency occurs, their bond is tested to the limit, and I genuinely wondered if they’d actually get their happy ending. It’s when I didn’t want to keep going because I was too scared to find out how everything would unfold, that I trudged along to the last page. Needless to say, I was left fighting back tears in my office.

All I can say is that Ryan Hartford is one hell of a wise man. I looked forward to his advice about life and love. When my time with him and Maggie ended, it was absolutely bittersweet.  I always love it when I can spend decades with a pair and see how they learn and grow together. These two didn’t disappoint!


My Final Rating: five out of five stars


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