The Girl on the Train

Good afternoon! I know I JUST posted a massive review for all seven of the Harry Potter novels, but I just finished my latest book and I couldn’t wait to give it a thought and tell everyone to go pick up your copies to if you haven’t already! 

The novel I’m discussing is The Girl on the Train, a debut thriller from author Paula Hawkins. I first saw this book while I was wandering around Target with a friend. I obviously had to browse their reading selections for my newest reads. I was going to buy this one, but I already had three other books stacked in my arms that I was going to purchase, so I couldn’t do anything more than skim the synopsis for the time being. It was one of those moments when I put the book back on the shelf and immediately regretted not buying on the spot. I could do nothing but think about it until I ran back out on an errand to pick up a copy. I had heard random opinions on this book, and all of them were rave reviews, so I couldn’t stay away. 

I went to my local Barnes & Noble and purchased it a few days after my silly mistake of leaving it behind. The lady who rang me up had nothing but fantastic things to say about it as she bagged my book. This only added to other fantastic things I had heard, so I could not wait to read. I digress… 

The synopsis I originally read didn’t give anything away about the story, so I had very little clue as to what I was getting into when I opened up The Girl on the Train. Even a few chapters in, there are names instead of numerals at the top of each section, so I know who is telling the story, but I didn’t know who was who exactly. Mystery, Thriller, Suspense.. This novel is quite the roller coaster ride. As a massive fan of anything on the Investigation Discovery channel, for me, it was just like reading about an episode of Dateline. 

It is quite a slow and slightly confusing start, but the initial story of a mundane and depressed girl, riding the commuter train into London every day sure turns  into something way more than she bargained for. Everyone in this book has a back story, has a shady persona, and just like with any detective, crime, or murder show, find EVERYONE a suspect. Trust no one. Proceed with caution.

My emotions were all over the place with this novel. I hated characters, they depressed me, and they were just abysmal people.. But the web they weave was such a train wreck, I had to keep on until the end. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together slowly was extremely satisfying and I couldn’t help the ‘wow’ factor that came over me when I closed the back cover. I was thrilled, appalled, disgusted, and blown away. What a dark and twisted tale Paula Hawkins put together for her readers. Kudos!

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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